Uyutmak’s Shield

Uyutmak's Shield

Uyutmak’s Shield

Aura moderate enchantment; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 16,170 gp; Weight 15 lbs. 


The rim of this ornate circular heavy steel shield is decorated with thousands of miniature fragments of gem and crystal inlaid in complex gold trim. The gilded metalwork sweeps inward to the center of the armament like a draining pool of water, each separated by strands of reflective, polished silver. A second rounded plate at its center, worked in a pattern opposite the outer ring, holds a large ornament filled with bits of jewels, with two smaller sister accouterments just off the center of the bulwark

This +2 heavy steel shield, in addition to being a true work of art, grants special abilities that may be activated after a successful shield bash. Three times per day after successfully hitting an opponent with a shield bash, the wielder of Uyutmak’s Shield may take an immediate action to temporarily disorient their opponent, cuffing them lightly and allowing the enchantment to do its work. Instead of dealing damage, the wielder uses hypnotism (as a spell-like ability that does not provoke attacks of opportunity) against the struck opponent; any creature with two or more hit die than the wielder ignores this effect, but otherwise the target is forced to make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 wielder’s hit die + wielder’s Charisma modifier) or be fascinated, reacting to the wielder with two steps more friendly an attitude, prepared to take one brief, reasonable request. This effect ignores spell resistance and is considered ‘out of combat’ for purposes of the save to resist it, incurring a -2 penalty to the target’s saving throw.


History A character that makes a Knowledge (history) or Knowledge (local) check to learn about this magic item identifies the following fragments of lore:

DC 15     Stories abound about why and how Uyutmak’s Shield came into existence, but everyone knows the person responsible: Uyutmak the dweorg skald, explorer of the Underworld. Some of the most popular tales claim that the diminutive storyteller used it to escape scores of drow raiding parties, fell subterranean monsters and confound more than one dragon in his time. Naturally, it has long been a popular item for wandering dweorg and skalds alike.

DC 20     The stories all carry a bit of truth to them, although they’ve been warped by the passage of time as much as by Uyutmak himself. While his enchanted shield certainly had a great deal to do with how he survived so many dangerous encounters in the Underworld, it was rarely ever by attacking his foes; instead, the dweorg often smacked his spellcasting companions, compelling them to do as he bid (resulting in the deaths of many of their allies, and sometimes the mage or cleric themselves).

DC 25     Uyutmak actually led to the downfall of several adventuring groups that otherwise would’ve been successful; many of his contemporary skalds claimed that the dweorg was cursed, or worse. This rumor was only enforced by the fact that several of said storytellers found that to be the last tale they spun, each suffering the same gruesome fates that met the few of Uyutmak’s companions that survived to (briefly) retire.

DC 30     The dweorg Uyutmak was not as he seemed – in truth he was a foul gitwerc, sent to the surface by a drow House deep in the Underworld to do reconnaissance, testing the proficiency and competency of Upperworld’s denizens. Eventually he came to a violent end after a collection of skalds took arms against him in a cunning magic assault, forcing the traitorous brigand to impale himself on his own blade.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, hypnotism; Cost 8,085 gp 324 xp



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