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Sharur, Smasher of Thousands



Aura strong evocation; CL 12th

Slot none; Price 100,808 gp; Weight 6 lbs.

DESCRIPTION This finely crafted hammer has vicious spikes jutting out of the head’s underside and the entire black haft of the weapon is scored with runes of violent design. Blue and black impressions cover the two-handed hammer and it glows with a harsh, pulsing cyan light.

This +4 axiomatic demon bane battlehammer (3.5)/earthbreaker (PF) consists of a long haft the height of a man, ending with a vicious sweeping head with a sharp back end and spikes protruding backwards, directly under it. Sharur provides its wielder with a +5 bonus to Knowledge (planes) checks when they pertain to information regarding the Abyss. The weapon provides a blue eldritch glow that sheds a slowly pulsing light equivalent to a light spell (bright light radius of 20 ft. and dim light out to 40 ft.).

HISTORY A character that makes a Knowledge (history), Knowledge (planes) or Knowledge (religion) check to learn about Sharur, Smasher of Thousands identifies the following fragments of lore:

DC 20     Sharur, which means “smasher of thousands” is the legendary weapon and mythic symbol of the god of war. Ancient sources describe it as an enchanted hammer of prodigious size, bloodied with the remains many opponents and smothered with violent iconography.

DC 25     In a prominent early legend, Sharur had a leading role in which the god of war loaned it to the hero Girsu to defeat Asag, a monstrous demon, and his vast horde of abyssal followers.

DC 30     According to this legend, Sharur’s role in the battle was not only as a weapon. It provided crucial intelligence to Girsu, acting as an emissary between him and the god of war, relating to him a strategy to defeat the demon and its horde.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, order’s wrath, summon monster I, creator must be lawful; Cost 50,558 gp 4,033 xp

[Submitted by Jonathan Ely]

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