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Matador’s Lash

Whip 01Matador’s Lash
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 10th

Slot none; Price 23,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs. 


This thin black bullwhip is light to the touch and glides through the air effortlessly. The core of the tightly-bound handle is made from the phallus of a bull and when ever it strikes a critical blow against a creature, the weapon rings out with a bovine roar.

Any bulls, cows or otherwise bovine targets (such as minotaur) that take a critical hit from this +2 keen whip are immediately subjected to the effects of a dominate animal spell (Will DC 15). The matador’s lash is particularly potent when the wielder has Favored Enemy (animals), in which case they may use dominate animal as a spell-like ability against any bulls, cows or otherwise bovine targets (such as minotaur) three times per day.

HISTORY     A PC that makes a Knowledge (geography) or Knowledge (history) check to learn more about the matador’s lash identifies the following fragments of lore:
DC 10     Tribes of plainsmen that worship the totemic power of the bull carry these weapons, and their prowess when fighting alongside the beasts is unparalleled.
DC 15     The traditions of these different groups of nomads are oddly regal and speak of a more civilized history, though most who inquire find that the rage of their warriors easily matches the bulls they tend to so meticulously.
DC 20     Long ago, the entire region occupied by the bull tribes was a regimented land of ordered noble houses that ruled over the native peoples with an iron fist. For entertainment they would take the peoples’ finest steers, pitting them against one another or their favored champions of combat. One such fighter was the first to have a matador’s lash crafted—an event that would come to haunt them all.
DC 25     A shaman of the bull tribes finally returned to his home after decades of exploration, all time well spent in honing the magics of his ancestors. Starting with the warrior that first made a matador’s lash, he cursed all the noble houses to fall. They eventually devolved as the land turned against them, adopting the ways of those they once subjugated. To this day the chieftain of each of these tribes wields one of the enchanted whips, carrying it as a sign of rulership.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull’s reproductive organ, dominate animal, keen edge; Cost 11,500 gp 460 xp

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