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Macabre Manses (part 2) and Extra Web Content!

Two weeks ago we properly introduced you to the Macabre Manses with Justin Andrew Mason’s deviant carrionette fleshdolls and Rory Toma’s pumpkin-themed tribute to Joshua Gullion.

Final-Hallway-CFinishing up the month, Jeremy Kleve took us into the weird places of the cosmos with Fomalhaut the Nebulous, his deranged acolyte Gruxm Goretooth, a strange magic item made of the elder entity, dangerously vexing omnidirectional doorways of confusion, the star spawn creature template, the story of how this mad cult began, and a quest for PCs so unfortunate as to fall afoul of the warped goblin sorcerer’s ambitions.

Timothy Snow filled in a few days with some Halloween-themed content: the chilling ipalolo devil, the cowl of insubstantial form, and the gourd-happy pumpkin slinger trap. RPG Superstar Steven T. Helt hit us with another great haunt (overzealous, that one), and yesterday I shared my tips for sowing terror in your tabletop game.


Before you get out there to scare someone, check out the free extra web content below! Adventurers that dug in and played through For Rent, Lease, or Conquest have a treat prepared by the module’s author, Colin Stricklin!



For Rent, Lease, or Conquest EXTRA CONTENT!

Concluding the Adventure
If the party and the formians survive, the PCs are left with something of a problem: they still don’t have a house! A diplomatic mission on behalf of the formians will solve this problem nicely.

If the adventurers agree to help Sirjan gain Hordenheim citizenship, she rewards the party with a fully renovated carriage house. They’ve proven useful after all, and Sirjan wants such powerful allies close. The young queen even bestows the title “Defender of the Colony” upon each of the PCs.

A formian colony makes for an unusual neighbor though, and the Office of Immigration will take some convincing.


Navigating the Bureaucracy
Sirjan’s path to citizenship hinges entirely on the party’s diplomatic skills. Anyone possessing even a passing familiarity with Hordenheim knows of the Office of Immigration, the bureaucratic body responsible for transitioning the traditionally evil races to their new lives as productive members of society. However, the clerks at Immigration are used to orcs and harpies and the like. There is a great deal of hemming and hawing over allowing a “society of giant ants” to take up residence.

“This is most unprecedented,” the junior clerks say. “The paperwork is quite complex.”

5 star review on Paizo!
5 star review on Paizo!

Any number of role playing challenges could be appropriate in this case. Examples include:

  • A DC 17 Will save to keep any barbarian or otherwise short-tempered party members from pitching a paperwork induced tantrum.
  • A DC 20 Diplomacy/Gather Information check to determine the proper bribes for each petty official. Perhaps an underling wants his boss’s position?
  • Multiple DC 15 Fortitude saves as the PCs run Form A-19 to the girl downstairs, making sure to pass along the yellow copy to Mr. Withers in accounts receivable before he takes his tea at 2:15 precisely, but not before climbing the stairs to the bursar’s office on the top story for a Letter of Receipt, which must in turn be stamped by the notary in sub-basement 3C…
  • A DC 22 Linguistics/Forgery check to cut through the mass of paperwork.
  • A DC 15 Intimidate check to scare the other applicants out of line.


Home Sweet Home
After you’ve made your party suffer long enough with this silliness, the rewards should be great. Allow them to design their new home as they see fit (within reason of course), and have the formian neighbors drop off a housewarming present or two in the form of magic items. Axiomatic weapons, armor made from formian carapaces, or even a giant slug egg are all appropriate.

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