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Weird Wednesday (Uralicans Uncut): Lonely Ooze Haunt

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Lonely Ooze Haunt CR 11
XP 12,800
LE haunt (30-ft.-radius of the gateway to the Plane of Ooze)
Caster Level 15th
Notice Perception DC 27 (to see powder on the ground coalesce into the form of an ooze)
hp 22; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day

Effect When this haunt is triggered all creatures within the lonely ooze haunt’s area must make a DC 22 Fortitude save or begin melting, physically turning into an ooze after 1d4+1 rounds. Those that fail the Fortitude save must also make a DC 22 Will save; failure on this second save causes them to become an ooze mentally at the end of the transformation, and the transformation becomes permanent. Nothing short of a wish brings the PC back from a permanent transformation. Before the permanent transformation is complete, it can be countered with a dispel psionics against DC 19. Any type of polymorph spell or power also breaks the transformation. Those that are not permanently transformed revert to their natural form after 1d4+1 hours. Those permanently transformed are instinctually drawn to the gateway. If not stopped, each ooze crawls to the gateway in 2 rounds—when the ooze touches the gateway, it is destroyed and turned into a pile of powder.

Destruction The original pile of powder must be transported through the gate to the Plane of Ooze; it sits at the bottom of Huge size mound of ash at the lone ooze haunt’s base.

Adventure Hook The PC’s are told that xyrx crystals can be modified to power their ship by placing them into the Plane of Ooze. However, no living matter may pass through gateway. Spells and powers, such as dimension door can be used to pass, or devices can be made to place and retrieve the crystals.

Sometime after the Uralicans abandoned this gateway, an ooze living nearby became sentient and intelligent, and was driven to enter the gateway to be among its intelligent ooze peers. It did not know that the passage through the gateway would destroy it, and the ooze’s will to be among its own kind as it perished created this haunt.


Play Suggestions For PCs that fail their save, describe in detail how their body begins to melt, as if they have landed feet first in acid. Their skin liquifies and sloughs off, forming a slick puddle on the ground as they slowly sink into their oozy demise. Also, for those that fail the Will save, their thoughts begin to become alien; they start to hunger for carrion and the sensation of touching other oozes. As their eyesight fails, they feel the presence of the gateway and it consumes their being—their only desire is to enter the gateway. If you are using the insanity rules, this experience triggers an insanity check (at a minimum).

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