Legendary Realms Miniature Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter!

Legendary Realms Miniature Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter!


We've all seen the fancy dungeon terrain that exists out there and longed to use it in our games.  Most of us have, and unless you have a huge amount of disposable income, that excellent terrain is probably out of your reach.  Right?

Wrong.  Legendary Realms claims they are about to change the dynamics of the miniatures terrain making game.  They are already producing low-cost and high-quality durable fantasy terrain.  Now, with your help, they would like to purchase a 3D scanner and printer and bring their excellent products to an even greater audience.


The scope of their Kickstarter includes an introductory line of five themed rooms including an epic Throne Room, wicked Dungeon Cells, an arcane Scrying Chamber, and three additional full dungeons of various sizes.   Did I mention that the pledges of the megadungeon get to submit a room design?  If yours is chosen, you get credit for the design and a free copy of the room! You don't see that every day!


You can take advantage of this great Kickstarter and let Legendary Realms Terrain stock your game table with amazing high quality terrain for a fraction of what you would be charged elsewhere.  You’ll walk away with some great stuff for your game table and by doing so you will help them fulfill the next step in their business growth, which is what Kickstarter is all about.

Goblin Boat 2

The best part is that this project is already funded.  At this point all you have to do is pledge (at any level) to get some great rewards.  There are dungeon terrain rewards and even dungeon-themed adventures and sourcebooks from the likes of Pathfinder compatible publishers Purple Duck Games, Raging Swan Press, Total Party Kill Games and Frog God Games!

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