Foul Machinations Friday: Lands of Ludolog III

2-bit daggerThe Lands of Ludolog (the 2-Bit Dimension) are strange and many players are going to be disoriented with the fundamental changes in game design involved with the shift to only depth and height. In the first part of the month we explored the specifics for playing in this world, then proceeded straight into gameplay. The party encounters more gaff robots after the first few falling platforms, but these are overcharged and even deadlier! After making their way across even more treacherous instadeath spikes and floating platforms, the Megaman inspired miniworld is wrapped up.

Next the PCs head into a Kid Icarus-themed level, learning about Skyworld from the Archon King himself and receiving wings of the archon to better traverse the vertical. To save this miniworld the party must enter the Sky Tower, braving defying orbs that negate magic in a fixed space and the tempting cursed black pomegranate found within the fortification. At the top of the level they finally fight Queen Medusa, and the exultant Archon King tells the PCs of a possible means to return to their home dimension through The tower

[In the meanwhile, Justin Andrew Mason’s Meta Thursday deals considers the trials and tribulations of designing for a 2D world—chutes and ladders, trick doors, and multi-level rooms are just some of the topics covered for vertical dungeon design. -RT]

This part of the AaWBlog Adventure Path comes to a close in a Dig-Dug-inspired world, a place where the party might be able to recover their ship (seemingly destroyed in the collapse of the first miniworld). The Archon King gifts the PCs with three burrowing ghost mines before revealing a secret chamber beneath Skytower that leads to The Dig. There the adventurers are made to tunnel through the earthy underworld of Ludolog, avoiding glitched boulders and the dreaded half-inflated blokar haunt.

Check out tomorrow’s Sidequest Saturday to see just how the PCs make their way out of the Lands of Ludolog—along with foreshadowing of just what sent them on this myriad quest (from all the way back in Aventyr’s Disputed Territories) in the first place!

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