Foul Machinations Friday: Lands of Ludolog I

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The folks behind the AaWBlog are avid tabletop gamers, but we know our way around a controller and keyboard too. In the spirit of that love for electronic gaming we bring the Lands of Ludolog, a strange 2-D universe that operates like the old platform games we played on CRTVs in our youth!

Before going further, you definitely need to check out the basic rules for Ludolog, the 2-Bit Dimension!

2-bit sidequest lavaAfter escaping from the cosmic demiplane of Uklonjen the PCs land in Aventyr, but something with their ship’s engine goes horribly wrong, sending them once more across the planes. Where they land is an even stranger place,  confined in a miniature world that limits their movement to two dimensions (depth and height)! With no choice but to move forward, they brave chasms and lava pits before being attacked by strange rolling crabs before reaching the end of this miniworld and finding some curious (you guessed it) magical mushrooms.

TentacleThere are hidden dangers in the Lands of Ludolog that impede the adventurers, however. The first are flying tentacles, traps that appear from the walls of the miniworlds to slap down flying creatures or anyone who touches them into instadeath hazards below. Speaking of those instadeath hazards, there’s also the double death haunt, a trope video gamers will recognize instantly.

Yesterday we had a more general article about encounter design (isolate don’t incapacitate!) but tomorrow it’s back to the Lands of Ludolog proper, with some content inspired by a personal favorite among my video gaming repertoire.  Stay tuned throughout the month for some of the best content the AaWBlog has ever produced and some really exciting adventure in the 2-Bit Dimension!

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