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It’s official, is Pathfinder compatible!

Today took another step toward fulfilling our ultimate goal of world domina… oh wait, that’s my other project.  Today we accomplished one of our main goals!

I love the Pathfinder RPG and find that the simplified rules (especially when it comes to skills: perception & acrobatics to name a couple) make 3.5 even better.  I owe a thank you to my players Topher & Eddie for bringing me over to PF from D&D 3.5.  Thanks guys!  I’ll still play 3.5 of course.  Hell, I’ll still play 1st or 2nd edition AD&D given the chance!  Ravenloft anyone?  Uh oh, don’t get me started!


Obtained the Pathfinder compatibility license through Paizo!
(+2/+5 vs. Pathfinder fan absorption)

Yes, that’s a treasure icon.  I totally consider this license treasure.


So, it turns out that our license is only applicable if we sell PDF E-book versions of our Adventures.  Good thing we were already planning on that!  Monthly Subscribers will be able to purchase PDFs at a minimal fee and Annual Subscribers will be able to download any PDF Adventure they wish for free.  Of course all of the locations, characters, and items will not come along for the ride, but everything you need to run the adventure will still be available to you in an offline format.  Should you require some extreme details on a character or location you can always wing it   (that’s what I do and my players never know the difference!)

It feels good to reach this milestone and realize that we’re finally getting close to launching this website.  It’s been almost a year since the idea came about.  We started with the basic web design and made a few hundred changes as I tested out GMing games for my players.  Each change made things smoother and easier to run a gaming session.  Now I can pull up an adventure and scroll down on my iPad quickly locating the information I need, or click on a map location then instantly jump directly to the description and read-aloud text for that location.  This system we have created started as a wonderfully cloudy day-dream/idea, then came together as a test model, now we have a fully functional product!  I finally have a tool which I get so excited to use in my games I fidget in my seat just waiting to get a response from my players to see if everyone can make the next game session!


2 thoughts on “It’s official, is Pathfinder compatible!

  1. Congrats on the license guys! Can’t wait until you open registration!

  2. NICE!!!!!!

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