Iron Die – Hardcore is the way they roll


I’m not kidding when I say these dice are HARDCORE.  IronDie dice are made from solid metal, custom crafted with unique shapes and colors, and laser engraved with exquisitely minute details making each die one of a kind.  These dice are crafted in Italy and were discovered by Dan from Green Lake Games in Seattle, WA.

NERD TREK spoke with Dan of Green Lake Games about how he came across IronDie in Italy and what he is doing with them.

“Back in October we saw IronDie at a game convention in Italy and thought that they looked and felt amazing, though were a bit pricey. We brought 72 dice back to Seattle (1 of each shape & color), priced them at $5 each, and were sold out within 2 weeks. After that we talked to the game designer and found out that he had about 500 dice left in Italy. So we shipped those to Seattle, got them into our store a week before Christmas, and by the second week of January had completely sold out of all 500 dice just through our small 1,500 sq’ storefront. We had a purchase rate of over 80% from customers that physically picked up and rolled the dice around in their hand. After seeing them fly off the counter like that we decided to bring them over from Europe and make them widely available to retail stores and customers across the states. So far the response has been beyond anything that we had expected.”

 “We have started a whole new branch of IronDie here in Seattle and will be advertising, marketing, and promoting the game throughout the states. In addition to advertising on the web and in print we will be demoing IronDie at conventions around the country, offering free demo and league programs, prizes, and incentives for retail stores, and have put together display packages that show off these gorgeous dice in the best ways that we’ve been able to find. We have been selling them as both individual dice for use in other games and as the IronDie game. This approach appeals to a very wide range of customers and has kept the dice moving off the shelf consistently, day after day. We are selling the dice individually at wholesale so that stores can reorder exactly which dice sell and not be left with a bunch of extra shapes/colors that aren’t working for that store.”

“IronDie takes Milan’s strikingly unique eye for design and combines it with the familiarity of a common game playing piece, creating a set of brightly colored metal dice that are equally suited for playing the IronDie Collectible Dice Game or simply as a regular set of dice that can spark conversation. The small metal shop in Milan that crafts these dice also produces metal accessories for the giants of the Milan fashion industry. They are die-cast in solid metal (a Zinc alloy), are *HEAVY*, and are true Designer Dice. Meticulously developed with an eye toward variety and unique shapes they are some of the most creative and interesting dice that I have ever seen. The customizable game that is played with them is fun, strategic, and very unique, though most customers still just purchase the dice for whatever other games they play.”



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