Story Locale (Banlan Backlash!): Ingan’s Abattoir

Beneath the most prolific port city of Timeaus are vast catacombs that weave all around Nyamo, some of them hundreds if not thousands of years old. While rogues and smugglers of all kinds make use of these underground tunnels, one particular region is favored by the Banlan Brotherhood, the leader of its inception having organized a powerful tool to insure the safety of his subordinates. The spirit of a potent druid has been anchored to the Material Plane since the first stones of the city were set, destroyed by the High Mages of Timeaus as a heretic.

Catacombs at Castle MorsainKnowing that he fought a losing battle, Ingan fled beneath the coves of Cape Fin, preparing and executing a series of rituals that triggered when a series of empowered and maximized lightning bolts finally claimed his life. His murderers, however, were too taxed to defend themselves against the tunnels themselves turning against them, spectral animals dragging many beneath tepid waters or ripping them apart as the mages struggled against cave-ins and collapsing walls. These dangers persist to this day, giving a section of the catacombs a name that rings through the taverns and drinking halls of the city above—Ingan’s abattoir.

Only creatures wearing an insignia of the Banlan Brotherhood (or those traveling with a member of the resistance) are immune to these hazards. For every 10 minutes of travel through Ingan’s Abattoir, there is a 50% chance a creature is targeted by one of these hazards; if a creature displays arcane spellcasting talents, the likeliness of their being targeted increases to 80%. Besting any of these hazards is equivalent to overcoming an obstacle with a CR equal to spell level + 1.

d100     Hazard (all CL 18th, with the exception of revenge of Ingan)
1-24      tentacles drag the target beneath the water (as black tentacles)
25-47    chamber collapses (reassembles after 100 rounds; CR 8)
48-67    wall collapses, target attacked by ghostly animals (as spectral weapon)
68-86    ambushed by 2d4+1 greater elementals (as summon nature’s ally VII)
87-100  revenge of Ingan


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