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Magic Item Monday: Ignominious Icon

ignominious icon - trinkets - JAMIgnominious Icon
Aura faint necromancy; CL 1st
Slot various; Price —; Weight

Ignominious icons are small tokens of appreciation, usually bits of jewelry or trinkets that are in some way associated to the spirit of a once disgraced (perhaps wrongly) individual whose name has since been redeemed.
An ignominious icon provides its bearer a +1 sacred bonus to one skill. The specific skill enhanced reflects the nature and persona of the spirit that created it the ignominious icon. For example, the spirit of a powerful ruler or knight may grant a bonus to Diplomacy or Sense Motive, whereas the spirit of a warden of nature or ranger might increase Handle Animal or Survival.
The magic of an ignominious icon is fueled by the lingering spiritual essence of the redeemed spirit, and they are gifted directly to individuals who aided the spirit in regaining its honor. As such, ignominious icons only function for the individual they were bestowed upon and offer no benefit to another bearer. Anyone perceiving an ignominious icon with detect magic triggers a short vision revealing the history of the item’s creator, along with how the intended recipient provided redemption for that spirit.
The power of an ignominious icon only persists as long as its recipient remains tethered to the world of the living. Once the recipient dies and moves on to the afterlife, an ignominious icon becomes a mundane trinket.

Requirements Ignominious icons are created only as the result of a lingering haunt associated to the redeemed spirit of a once disgraced individual; Cost


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