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Wonders of NaeraCull: Hungering Dead Zone

hungering dead zoneHungering Dead Zone     CR 2
XP 600
Persistent NE haunt (random 10 ft. squares across NaeraCull)
Caster Level 2nd
Notice Perception DC 15 (to notice skeletal digits emerging from the mire)
hp 9; Weakness tricked by hide from undeadTrigger touch; Reset 1 hour

Effect     When this haunt is triggered, a baleful moan rises from the ground as skeletal claws scrape up from below; one skeleton emerges in an adjacent square every round that a living creature occupies any square within the hungering dead zone’s space.

Destruction     Each 5 ft.-square of the haunt’s area (a total of four) must be doused with holy water or bathed in positive energy (as from a cleric’s channel energy ability).

Adventure Hook     Hungering dead zones are strewn across NaeraCull, suffusing the corpses of long dead creatures with negative energy and animating them to dangerous effect. None are entirely sure how the hungering dead zones come to be or why, but the rulers of the Hungering Jungle are fine enough with a few mindless creations wandering the wilderness.


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