Help Numerous RPG Authors and Top Reviewers ENDZEITGEIST and KTFISH7 get to GEN CON!

Help get RPG fanatics to GEN CON color

Greetings gaming fans!

There’s currently an IndieGoGo project going on to get some industry gaming pros to GenCon (or PaizoCon), where they can network, run games, and meet the fans. I know what you are saying: “Why should I send someone else to GenCon when I can’t afford to get there myself?” Understood. Money is tight. We all know that. However, note that many of the 3PP publishers want to SEE these folks (Christina Stiles, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Amanda Hamon) succeed. We want it so much, in fact, that we have all banded together with other individuals to initially offer up 52 pdfs to make it happen. For a mere $25, you can get this expanding bundle here.

But that’s not all. As gamers, you’ve likely heard the following names, as well: Jess Hartley (one of gaming’s premier women designers and fiction writers), ENDZEITGEIST (Thilo Graf, reviewer extraordinaire), and KTFISH7 (Josh Gullion—another great reviewer and member of Christina and crew would like to help them get to the BIG SHOW, as well. To ensure this happens, we are adding even more booty to the bundle, and many of us are throwing in some money to assist in funding this project.

We ask that you please consider helping out. If you can’t help monetarily, please help spread the word about this wonderful offer. It’s not to be missed!

About ENDZEITGEIST (Thilo Graf):

Hi everybody, my name is Thilo, but most of you may know me from my rampant reviewing under the screen-name Endzeitgeist. I’ve been playing roleplaying games for about 15 years now and started playing with 2nd edition Planescape and Ravenloft (which were incredibly hard to get in Germany!) – my love for dark and gritty settings has never ceased and I still love them. I’ve been a DM for all this time and RPGs are still my favourite hobby. Apart from versions of (A)D&D, I’ve also played Engel, Shadowrun, old WoD (Vampire and Wight), Midgard (the German Old-school-Rpg), Call of Cthulhu (which I love to death), Trail of Cthulhu, Warhammer Dark Heresy and several others. Right now, I’m DMing a weekly campaign that switched from homebrew-3.5 to homebrew-PFRPG with a focus on horror, madness, insanity and political struggles.

Apart from reviewing, I’m working as a translator, programmer, editor as well as a teacher at a university and currently work on my PhD. I’m also a language nerd and am constantly trying to pick new ones up.

My ambition is to be as impartial as possible in my reviews and I hope it shows.


About Christina Stiles:

Christina Stiles is a freelance role playing game writer and editor living in South Carolina. She is the author of Unhallowed Halls and the co-author of both The Village of Briarton and the 2007 Origins-Award-nominated Faery’s Tale, a role playing game for children. She has done work for Goodman Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Eden Studios, Misfit Studios, and Atlas Games.

Christina is also trying her hand at fiction writing, having recently completed a contemporary romance that is now in the editing stage. She’s keeping her fingers crossed that she’ll eventually find an agent and publisher for it.


About KTFISH7 (Joshua Gullion):

Well, I’m your atypical gamer, I got hooked on funny shaped dice as a kid and never really shook the habit, lol. I believe my technical title around the camp is “That crazy insomniac who builds the PDFs”…but don’t quote me on that… I also do a ton of reviewing of 3PP PDFs for tabletop role-playing games.

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