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Trap Tuesday (Uralicans Uncut): HEL Spore

blood (hel spore)HEL SPORES    
CR 11

Type psionic; Search/Perception DC 27; Disable Device DC 27
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect power effects (dimension swap, DC 18 Will save or position is swapped with 1 random guard; Will DC 20 to negate suspend life upon arrival)

HEL spores are littered across the hallways of Varg the Candlekeeper’s asteroid [This Sidequest Saturday! -MM] and represent a serious danger to any creatures that fail to notice them. Often tucked away into the corners of the the stone hallways, the red-black anomalies resemble drops of liquid suspended in mid-air, though a HEL spore is always anchored—however tenuously—to a surface from above and the side.

A creature witnessing a HEL spore in action that makes a DC 30 Spellcraft check recognizes that more than one supernatural effect is at work when a creature targeted by the trap disappears, and a DC 30 Knowledge (psionics) check realizes that this second effect is suspend life. The arrival of a guard (in this case, a magaav) is obvious, however, and the recently teleported NPC receives a free surprise round before the party gets to act.

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