Weird Wednesday (Lands of Ludolog): Half-Inflated Blokar

half-inflated blokarHalf-Inflated Blokar      CR 11
XP 12,800
CN Persistent haunt (55-ft. line)
Caster Level 9th
Notice Perception DC 24 (to hear the faint sound of an inflating pump)
hp 49; Trigger special; Reset 1 day

Effect This haunt is triggered when the party opens up a tunnel that connects to the half-inflated blokar. The haunt follows the party at a movement rate of 20 ft. per round in a tunnel, or 10 ft. per round moving through earth. If the half-inflated blokar gets within 5 ft. of a PC it attacks (+11 melee touch, instadeath).

Destruction The half-inflated blokar haunt can only be defeated by clearing the miniworld. Until the miniworld is cleared, the half-inflated blokar relentlessly chases down the party.

Adventure Hook The half-inflated blokar haunt is another example of video game play in action: an indestructible creature is present that can only be avoided. To continue the PCs need to work around this new obstacle in order to defeat it!

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