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Great Response!

Great Response!

Well, so far it’s just Todd and I that can view this blog (and perhaps a couple friends helping with beta testing) but nevertheless, I will continue to post!

Yesterday I decided to loose the news of the existence of upon the general populace via Twitter & Facebook.  The response was more than we could have hoped for!

We have already received numerous applications for Beta Testing as well as notification requests once the website goes live.  I have also had some folks contact me regarding their nation-wide gaming groups play-testing AaW on college campuses across the nation!

An extra special bonus for me is that Rob Lazzareti, one of my all time favorite cartographers (right up there with our own Todd Gamble) “liked” on Facebook and was one of the first 3 people to do so!  I know he did that mostly for Todd, but given that I have been a long time fan it just felt great to get that positive reinforcement that we need.

When you spend so much time working on a project you can’t see everything that you have accomplished.  You get so deeply involved that you no longer can see the forest for the trees.  I think I’m finally starting to get some perspective and realize just how daunting of a task this is that Todd and I have undertaken.  At the same time I love a challenge and have always grabbed the bull by the horns through life and will continue to do the same here.  Except in this particular case… it’s a Minotaur!  😉