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Trap Tuesday (Uralicans Uncut); Gravity Still Sucks

FanGravity Still Sucks (CR  8)

This small vertical shaft looks like an entrance to the cavern complex blocked only by a slowly spinning fan.

Type: mechanical; Knowledge (engineering, nature or planes) DC 31; Disable Device 24

Trigger location; Reset repair


slow fan (DC 28 Acrobatics check; a failure requires a DC 28 Reflex save or 5d6 slashing damage plus 3d6 electricity damage)
A narrow shaft leads down about 10 feet into the cavern complex. A fan is about 4 feet down, spinning slowly; if timed correctly, one could easily drop down and avoid the fan. The trick here is that the gravity is low, and creatures accelerate down the shaft more slowly than they are used to.

The gravity in this area is lower than what the adventurers are used to; this is just one example of what can be done to both exploit the lower gravity, as well as introduce the PCs to their new environment, before something even more devious is used. Other examples include creating places where the party has to jump chasms, where they can either over-jump the target, or jump higher than they intended, or even taking advantage of the slower falling rate to give enemy spellcasters or archers more time to hit the PCs as they fall. Remember that although some simple actions can become complex, some very difficult actions can be easily accomplished.

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