Statblock Sunday: Golem Liberum

Golem Liberum - JAM

As if sent askitter by an unseen gust of wind, the books in the library are thrown from their shelves. Some twirl about, airborne with pages fluttering back-and-forth, while others fall, bounce, and flip across the ground as if being pushed by an unseen force. Within moments the tomes pile, slam, and organize themselves into a haphazard stack that vaguely resembles a short humanoid form.

Golem Liberum    CR 4
XP 1,200
CN Medium construct
Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft. low-light vision; Perception +0

AC 22, touch 14, flat-footed 18, (+4 Dex, +8 natural)
hp 47 (5d10+20)
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +1
DR 5/—; Immune construct traits, magic (except for fire damage)
Weaknesses vulnerability to fire

Speed 30 ft
Melee 3 slams with bookbindings +5 (1d4 bludgeoning)
Special Attacks flurry of pages
Str 10, Dex 18, Con —, Int —, Wis 10, Cha 1
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 19
Feats Improved Initiative[B]
Languages Common, polyglot (can understand 2d4 random languages); cannot speak

Environment any (preferably a library)
Organization solitary, pair, troop (3-8)
Treasure standard + 1d6 random scrolls containing 1st- or 2nd-level arcane spells

Flurry of Pages (Su)
As a full-round action, a golem liberum can cause pages to tear from the many tomes that comprise its body and send them in a fluttery flurry towards any target within 60 feet. The flurry of pages inflicts hundreds of tiny paper-cuts to its target dealing 1 point of bleed damage (DC 20 Reflex negates). The flurry of pages also obscures the targets vision causing them to react as if dazzled (DC 25 Will negates). A golem liberum can have only one active flurry at a time, but may move the effect to another target within 30 feet of the first affected target as a swift action.

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