Wonders of NaeraCull: God Tears Fall and The Green Spire

god tear falls

When it comes to magnificent waterfalls, one of the Great Wonders of NaeraCull—the God Tears Fall—is the predominant example. Manifest from a three-tiered system of parallel rivers that cut a swath southwest-to-northeast down the Drakesdown Mountains (one of the highest elevation points in Aventyr), the great falls dominate the length of a valley as it descends from near the mountain summit to eventually tributary into a great lake near another wonder of NaeraCull, the Sentinel Stones.

The highest summit of the Drakesdown mountains, known as Yolotli Ihuicatl, is always shrouded in dark, churning thunder clouds and lightning; the constant unending downpour of rain, the source of water for the three rivers. The two greater elevated rivers, the Rio Ihuicatl and the Rio Iccauhtli crest their edges, creating the God Tears Fall as their waters pour over the sides of the Ixtli Valley and cascade in a torrent down into the lower Mecatl River.

Along the length of the great waterfall (which extends for dozens of miles) there are several gaps and outcroppings that provide respite to travelers and denizens alike. One such sanctuary is known as the Green Spire and consists of a large green-hued stone that juts out from behind the western side of the God Tears Fall. Opposite the unusual landmark is a length of rocky shoreline that follows the Mecatl River across a gap in the eastern side of the waterfall that extends for three miles.

Lower in altitude and nearer the rivers’ tributary lake, the Green Spire is said to be home to a minor goddess—a nature spirit that provides protection to those who would brave the river torrents. For this reason the spire is a local landmark frequented by travelers who kneel beneath it to pray for safe journeys and area druids who pilgrimage the outcropping as a sacred and blessed site.

The river’s length near the Green Spire is inhabited by several hovels of waterfall nymphs and local legends states that it’s an omen of good fortune to spot one of these beautiful creatures dancing across the waves of the great falls.



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