Register to play Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord at Gen Con 2014!

Register to play Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord at Gen Con 2014!

Our very first adventure A1: Crypt of the Sun Lord took you into the long lost tomb of Lord Ka’Teek where the PCs encountered dangerous traps and claimed ancient treasures from the dusty crypt of Sun Lord Ka’Teek. At Gen Con 2014 we’re taking you back to the iconic dungeon to delve deeper and discover the true secrets of the Sun Lord’s crypt—hidden in the catacombs far below! We charge a fee to make sure you will show up at the game. Since there are a very limited number of games and seats please cancel in advance if you cannot attend.  Those attending this event will obtain their choice of either a free 1 month subscription to or a single print adventure from AaW.

Your GM will be Mike Myler the AaW Blogmaster and author of B16: Damned Souls of Fenleist.


  • Play Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord, a Pathfinder RPG adventure
  • 4-6 Players per game
  • 1 five hour game on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Pre-generated characters provided
  • Note: You are only eligible to attend one game session

Join the Facebook Group discussion here.

Register at the Gen Con website here.


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