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Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Gauntlet of Deracination

Gauntlet of Deracination
Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th
Slot hands; Weight 5 lbs.

This single right-handed gauntlet of segmented golden plates has been polished to a mirror-like gleam, and its bracer has been inset with three large gemstone cabochons—one of ruby, another of sapphire, and the last of emerald.

gauntlet of deracination - justin andrew masonA gauntlet of deracination functions as +1 bracers of armor but has three additional effects that may be individually activated. The active effect depends on which one of the three gemstone cabochons upon the gauntlet’s bracer have been depressed. Only one gem may be pressed at a time, and once a cabochon has been pushed in, it glows faintly and becomes locked into place for 24-hours (activating that cabochon’s associated effect for the gauntlet). After this period the gauntlet of deracination resets and the depressed gem reverts to its original state. The selected active effect may not be changed until the gauntlet of deracination has reset.

Ruby Cabochon – As a full round action, the user may make a ranged touch attack that functions as teleport (CL 20th) upon a target creature or object (Will DC 25 negates). The result of the teleport is chosen by the user and is always “on target,” however the range is limited to a 100-ft.-radius centered on the target. A target cannot be teleported to a space already occupied nor can its relative elevation altered more than 10 ft. up or down. This ability may only be used once every 1d6 rounds. In appearance this effect opens a whirling vortex of carmine light that attempts to suck the target in. When successful the vortex vanishes and immediately reappears in the defined location to force the affected target into the unoccupied space.

Sapphire Cabochon – As a full round action, the user may make a ranged touch attack that functions as telekinesis (CL 15th) to exert a single (Will DC 20 negates) violent thrust upon a target creature or object (up to 375 pounds) hurling it up to 20-feet in any direction. If the target is hurled against a solid surface it takes damage as if it had fallen 10 feet (1d6 points). This ability may only be used once every for 1d4 rounds. This effect appears as a whirling vortex of cerulean light that forms around the target and attempts to fling them in the desired direction before vanishing.

Emerald Cabochon – This effect activates a constant dimensional anchor (CL 15th) in a 100-ft.-radius centered on the user. This affects all creatures (regardless of immunities) within the field of effect, including the user.

The gauntlet of deracination must be immersed in fields of energy on each of the four essential elemental planes (air: electricity, earth: acid, flame: fire, water: cold) before a creature strikes it with a natural attack roll of 20.

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