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    I’ve been working on my own fantasy setting for several years on and off and one aspect of gaming that often gets over looked is weather.

    While trekking down a mountain slope heavy rains or snow would really make the trip dangerous. How do you handle this kind of thing in your game?

    Better yet what types of weather hazards does your world have?

    How about acid rain? Where on very random days the rain that falls actually effects things with acid like effect. Armors take damage, horses get burns and ingesting the rain water deals damage!

    Let’s here about your ideas for such a thing.


    Hi Robert,

    You’re totally right, weather is a very important and often overlooked factor in wilderness travel. Did you ever read the Wilderness Survival Guide? Lots of good ideas in there regardless of what system you’re playing.

    I can admit that I’ve spaced at times and just completely forgotten even describing the time of year and what type of weather patterns are happening at any given time. It really can affect things. For example, tonight we have heavy rain and flooding in the Snoqualmie Valley here in Washington State. Some of the roads have water over the roadway (river over the road) which is fine if you’re in a vehicle that rides up high and can go through it, but if you were on foot as a traveler that could seriously impede your travel especially when the layout of the land prevents you from going around.



    Yep, both of the campaigns I’m running now are experiencing some weather but one will be feeling it’s effects later on.

    Yes the ad&d Wilderness Survival Guide is still an excellent source of material along with the Dungeonier Survival Guide.

    I’m just looking to see if anyone else has thoughts on the matter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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