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    Due to having done a mass unzipping of files from the RotD Kickstarter & a few others at the same time; I am having difficulty figuring out everything that I should already be in possession of from the related products available for purchase through the shop.

    If anyone happens to have a down & dirty list that could be shared; I would be very grateful, as I am trying to get everything into RealmWorks & HeroLabs before announcing to the group that I am interested in setting a regular day for playing a new & more challenging campaign.

    Also any approved (please clear it with AAW first) outside work (like mapping, building/location drawings) that goes along with the side locations such as Jorumgard, Vethin’s Hold, etc. that you know of would be awesome to locate & support (buy from) those who put the work into them.


    Please contact us directly through the message link via the Kickstarter. I’m sorry I just saw this message and am not in the proper place to get you this information.




    New question related to the Hero Lab files. Where do we get the pre-req file “Malefactor (TPK Games)”
    That goes with this product?

    Additionally, I will have the same question about other pre-req files not sold by LWD; if anyone knows the answers please share for all of us looking to meet all the pre-reqs.


    Checking into this with Brian Berg from TPK Games.



    When you purchase:

    Hero Lab: Rise of the Drow (bundle)

    Are they PDF’s or are they manuals (paperback)?


    Those are files for a program called HERO LAB created by Lone Wolf Development. Link here:

    If you’re looking for PDF or Print versions of Rise of the Drow you want to go here:





    The Malefactor class files are on the Paizo site, you get them with the purchase of the PDF.

    Hoe that helps if the OP was still looking for them

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