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    Hey, i’ve got the $45 RotD bundle from the kickstarter and am wondering.

    Would we get any VTT files for stuff like Roll20? if we do, would we get them for the PDF launch?



    and 13 minutes after I post that, an email giving the main details of my answer are given.

    So the updated question is… what are Encounter Cards?


    The Underworld Encounter Cards allow you to randomly pull a card out of the deck based on location. Each provides a different encounter you may use with the party. These are not all combat based encounters, in fact most are very interesting situations the PCs have to deal with. The PDF of the cards goes out tonight to backers along with the RotD revised book PDF! ­čśÇ

    Excited!? I AM!!



    Is there a way to either get an updated PDF which puts multiple cards on a sheet so the entire page can be filled with cards to be printed? OR would it be possible to get access to an unlocked version of the current PDF, that could be edited to create the desired multi-card pages?

    To keep this kinda on topic with the Thread topic also;
    Are any VTT files, that would be put out, compatible with RealmWorks & HeroLabs software?



    I believe that one of the stretch goals was Herolabs stuff



    we will be getting the Herolab file once its finished, and they are uploading VTT files to their Blog as they are finished. you can also use the maps from the PDF for VTTs, they are multi leveled…. i think so if you just copy the background/map portion you won’t have all the notes on it.



    Got all of the PDFs and Her Lab files (I think), thank you. Where would I find the description and Hero Lab info for the new Archetypes and Classes? Specifically the Underminer Cavalier archetype?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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