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    I’ve been looking through the Prologue and noticed some maps don’t have a grid (I actually like no grid as long as everything lines up on a grid since I want to use the maps in a VTT) and some don’t have a scale. Also if used in a VTT we would need player versions of the map with no numbers or secret doors. Same thing with most of the RotD VTT Maps package as far as scale.


    Thanks for the feedback.

    The Rise of the Drow was created first and foremost as a hard back printed book. We tried to convert as many maps as we could for use in VTT programs but were not successful in all cases due to the original artist having merged some layers in Photoshop preventing further editing.

    I see what you don’t like but what would you like? What can I do to help you? I would be more than happy to help if you can provide a clear concise question.





    No problem, just wondering if anything was planned. Scale can be figured out fairly easily, but for use on a VTT you need a map without any GM info like secret doors, room numbers, etc.

    But there aren’t many maps in the Prologue so its not really a big problem.


    I do have a zip folder for Prologue and Epilogue VTT maps on my desktop at home. Planning on getting those up for sale sometime this week or this weekend. Maybe that will help you? Remember- not all are perfect for VTT but the best we could make them. ­čÖé



    With the rise in use of VTTs its nice in any adventure to have GM and Player versions of all maps, just something to think about for future adventures. I love VTTs for face to face games myself, but there are lots of people that have groups all over the country and a VTT like Role20 is the only way they can connect. Just look at how many users ROll20 has not, over 400,000 I think it is. That shows you the popularity of VTTs!



    Do RotD kickstarter purchasers get the Prologue and Epilogue VTT maps for free? ­čÖé


    Yes, every single product we have put out has GM, Player, and VTT maps except RotD hardback and related books because the focus on those was a print product. Our new cartographer Tommi Salama is creating all three as standard for all future products such as Snow White (Kickstarter funded and stretch goals coming as we speak).

    Re: the admins count every single “user” as someone who has created an account. I would guess that their regularly active user base is a lot closer to 10-20k or so but I don’t disagree with you- the VTT is on the rise and I for one am excited because it means more digital tools to make gaming even easier. I prefer to game in person but having a projector and big screen TV with a battlemap makes things a lot easier and faster than pulling out the old mini boxes. ­čÖé

    Keep your eyes peeled for the VTT maps by this weekend.



    Its not something I could do, but would you be OK with a fan modified/photoshopped copy of RotD maps to create the desired “player view” maps for sharing through AAW?


    Sure so long as you send me a copy to review at Jonathan ==at==


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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