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    I’ve been reading through the Rise of the Drow prologue and it looks like the Pathfinder fast XP track would have to be used to keep the PC level progression in line.

    Is this other people’s experience/observation?

    Is this the same for the main Rise of the Drow book and epilogue?


    Mike Myler

    Howdee Trenloe!

    If your party is sticking strictly to the main plot threads throughout the Rise of the Drow and its Prologue or Epilogue, then it is recommended that you use the Fast XP Track.

    However, there are so many different offshoot encounters, extra quests, and additional tasks (and exploration!) available to players, if you’ve got the time at the table, a Medium XP Track progression (which is what our design was) should work out just fine.



    I strongly recommend you use the S L O W xp progression throughout The Darkest Dawn, and send me the souls of every PC you kill.

    Seriously, Trenloe, specifically in TDD the adventure is set so that you can just move more encounters in from the wilderness map if you need more bloodshed before you level them. And of course, the encounters are designed with the eclipse in mind, so if your PCs never struggle with darkness or concealment, throw some extra danger at them each planned encounter.

    -Steven T Helt



    Thanks for the replies Mike and Steven. Yeah, I’m going to see about expanding it a bit as we go through – and I’ll play it by (pointed) ear seeing how the group is handling it. I’m running this online and don’t know how efficient the group will be yet.

    I’m involved in doing the conversion to Fantasy Grounds so wanted to know more for notes in that conversion about XP track and such stuff.

    Thanks again.

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