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    I’m currently running The Darkness Rises online (using the Fantasy Grounds VTT). I’m also converting the series to a Fantasy Grounds module so clarification on the below would be nice so I can include some notes in the product.


    I have a question/request for ideas/clarification on where Juriendor goes once he descends beneath the cathedral Chapter 3 of Part 1. After the PCs have been into the bell tower and return to the cathedral main room two acolytes ask the PCs to go in search of Juriendor below: “… I fear we may never see our Juriendor again; he disappeared into darkness. Please go in search of him!”

    Finding Juriendor is the main reason the PCs go below the cathedral, but there is no other mention of him until the Continuation section at the end of Part 1.

    Is it assumed that he went after the fleeing drow before the tunnel from the reliquary collapsed? Or should he be found unconscious or being set upon somewhere?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Trenloe, thanks for the question. It seems I should’ve made this answer clearer in the adventure, so an apology to you!

    Juriendor is, of course, “over-powered” for this adventure and his actions are deliberately vague. The acolyte speech you refer to is there to give some options: he can be found either searching in the crypt or unconscious immediately under the cathedral floor where the moonshard slipped through (the least likely option, but the easiest); he can be found in the crypt either fighting off the ghoublins (5A), dealing with the disguised drow (5B), the skeletons (6A), the zombies (6B) or unconscious in any of thse areas; he can be under the crypt fighting the assassin/cleric or unconscious here; or can ahve got through the collapsing tunnel and be found re-entering the cathedral and encouraging the PCs t go after the slave party in Chapters8 and 9. Wherever he is encountered, he is devastated because he has lost the moonshard and isn’t up for much other than helping healing. So lots of possibilites, but we wanted to keep his actions “unclear” so he didn’t lead events.

    Hope this helps, but let me know if not.

    Happy gaming!




    I too am putting all the pieces together for running the adventures & would love some “down and dirty” details on Juriendor (and maybe others which may be vague). I am using RealmWorks for campaign management & Hero Labs for all characters. So the more things I can get entered into the files, the easier the unexpected twists (that PCs create) will be to handle.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give on the NPCs details from the adventures.



    Thanks for the fast and thorough reply Stephen, that makes a lot of sense.

    Would you mind if I included the details of your above post as a “designer’s note” sidebar in the AAW Fantasy Grounds conversion I’m doing?

    I have been keeping Juriendor a little in the background during the initial scenes (in terms of his higher level abilities) – except he had to get involved when a half-orc PC attacked the charmed hunters with a great axe – doing LETHAL damage!


    Trenloe, a HUGE apology for not getting back to you much earlier – I forgot to check the box asking if I wanted email confirmation of follow-ups.

    Do please include my reply in a “designer’s note” section if you haven’t done so. And feel free to drop your own thoughts in as, say, a “GM’s Experience” box – we’re always happy to hear how people have dealt with situations and odd occurances, exacty the way you describe your half-orc, “Axe-happy Atticus”.


    Hi Vin, it also seems like I owe you an apology similar to Trenloe’s I’m on the case now, hopefully “better late than never”!

    Juriendor is “kind of” pitched at 10th level, and Mayor Igor Leonid “kind of” 7th level. However, both of them are set up to be defenders rather than attackers, especially on a night such as the one played through in the prologue.

    Juriendor will have spells that promote warmth and protection, converting them to healing as required. He wears his celectial armour as befits his war domain, but doesn’t necessarily have his most potent weapon to hand because of the ceremony. He is a man of ability promoted faster than usual because of his willingness to travel to a distant outpost, and has the flexibilty of relative youth on his side.

    Mayor Leonid is one of the kingdom’s faithful, and a local man. Big, bold, but brash only in a way that draws allies to him, his “stats” can be as flexible as you want around that 7th level.

    With regard to actions, neither of them is going to stand a fight with the PCs. They have many more people they wish to protect; if they find themselves in combat, generally it is in order to achieve something else. Leonid will perhaps clear a path to allow locals to reach safety, or lead a charge before moving on. Juriendor will heal and go, heal and go, as he is more concerned with finding the Moonshard and then pushing back any invaders from the cathedral. He will also concentrate on turning undead rather than a one-on-one fight, unless there is no choice.

    Hope this helps


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