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    Just finished getting my group through part 2 of the prologue on our way to playing the full adventure.

    So far we have had an Elven Thief jump up and ride a Dire Wolverine and a Halfling Barbarian slip out of a Gargoyle’s grasp from on high, and crash down on to a Drider to pretty stunning effect.

    Been good fun so far. Part 3 to come, then on to the main adventure!


    Wow, Xvipath, sounds like your players and their PCs are really giving it their all! How did they get on saving the cathedral in the first place? Did they manage to stop it being burnt to the ground?

    As for spoilers, I reckon that something like, “you stand the chance of being dropped out the air by a gargoyle onto a drider” is just right for keeping players interested!!

    Enjoy the next part, then onto…well…”who knows what?”



    They did get through it without it burning down amazingly enough. They even split up beforehand, with the Paladin deciding the townsfolk who were outside fighting undead needed his help more than the burning tower did. Meanwhile, the thief thought it’d be a good idea to follow Juriendor downstairs sneakily.

    It was pretty hard to not just slaughter them there. ­čÖé



    So, once more my group surprised the hell out of me and did some cool stuff.

    Snuck in to the fortress using the secret passage late at night (like, 3am or so). Found Erik Splitaxe asleep in his room in the basement and murdered him while he slept.

    Then they took his head and marched boldly up in to the room where the rest of the barbarians were sleeping (or, trying to sleep) and demanded that they leave. They even offered them their pay for the contract (using the money in the chest at the foot of Splitaxe’s bed). Between the head of their leader, the fact that they were already spooked by the haunts, and the Paladin’s intimidate rolls – they got all 50 of the archers and warriors to agree to leave (I couldn’t believe the rolls I was getting for them). All without one drop of blood spilled.

    It was kind of epic ­čÖé


    That’s fantastic! The very reason I love roleplaying games. Your players can many times surprise you and anything is possible. I’m glad you “rolled with it” and let them pull this off. It can be fun to end a conflict without bloodshed, especially when the “muscle” aren’t necessarily bad people, just people in need of something which others can provide (gold, food, etc.)



    can anyone tell me if its possible to get rise of the drow in hard cover still?



    can anyone tell me if its possible to get rise of the drow 5e in hard cover still?


    RISE OF THE DROW in hardcover sold out long ago, it was a limited print run with only 650 copies in existence. It will never be printed again in that format.

    You can, however, find the softcover version on here:

    This is by far our most popular series. Hopefully, you picked up the Kickstarter version and if you didn’t, please check out



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