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    Check out this online map-making tool which former beta-tester and long time AaW member Nathan Land shared with me today:

    If you’re in need of a tool to create a clean map for your adventure this is an excellent and easy way to make that happen. The cartographer receiving your rough map will thank you heartily for such an easy to read map. You may have to toss it in Photoshop (or Paint) to add numbers and such, but this program does most of the hard work for you!




    Here’s an example of what you’re capable of doing with the site. Now remember, this is a CRUDE map and I did this up rather quickly. This map was used the OLD School D&D sets on the mapping site.

    Test Map



    There are other styles of maps you can create, I just prefer the Old School method. You can use the original Blue style of grid and symbols, which I always found absolutely horrible on the eyes. There is plenty of room to “play” with.


    I was impressed with how realistic some of the maps look, not only once complete, but while you’re actually drawing them up! This is an incredible online tool for gaming and adventure development! Cartographers will love you forever if you present them with maps this refined.



    I was actually looking for a map program to use for posting maps on the forum. It took me most of the night, was doing a search online while at work and once I got home. I came across this more or less by accident.

    The Viking Ninja strikes again!



    Okay I went looking for a complete list of all the map symbols. Mainly for all of those who are in the same boat as me, I have forgotten some of the symbols over the years or just don’t recognize some. Now this Key isn’t a complete one, but once I find one I’ll post it here.

    Map Symbol Key



    Whoa! I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks for the tip.



    To bad this one was never finished.


    What was never finished Robert?


    There are some really great map-making / generating web tools available out there.

    In addition to the Pyromancers’ Dungeon Painter Online (linked above), here are a few others:

    * — (CREATOR) Inkarnate (for world maps)

    * — (CREATOR) ANAmap (for dungeon maps)

    * — (GENERATOR) Curufea’s Random Cave Map Generator

    * — (GENERATOR) Red Blob Games Polygon Map Generation

    * — (GENERATOR) Donjon’s Random Dungeon Generator [OSR style]

    * — (GENERATOR) Watabou Medieval City Generator (multiple sizes; refresh page to make new maps)

    * — (GENERATOR) Inkwell Ideas Fantasy City Generator

    * — (GENERATOR) Azgaar’s Fantasy World Generator (For World Maps; refresh page for new map)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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