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    Thank you for the welcome Jonathan. What I like most about the setting is it’s easy entrance point for a campaign start. “You are from a militant society like Rome and are going to resettle in recently conquered viking lands” again not to knock anyone elses setting but I can’t think of another setting you can easily do a one sentance intro like that for.

    Alas for a group I don’t have one yet. I use and am planning on running the A series. Life however is being annoying, I work 3rd shift and as soon as I started planning this one of my coworkers took January off so I will be working 7 days a week which makes running a game difficult. Also I don’t think I will be using a D&D ruleset. I have noticed that as cool as the 3+ versions are to play it swamps the DM with having to know a ton of rules and actually play can be unwieldy online. Say for instance you have 4 players one wants to be a Ninja; another a dwarven defender; A dark druid and the final one a vanilla wizard the DM has to know the regular rules and then a ll the specials for the add on classes. Also the depth of the rules are great that there probably is a rule for any situation but it can either bog down or cause some resentment if you get it wrong. I am thinking of using QUERPS simple rules with a decent ability to let players grow their characters into whatever they want.



    What game system are you running Warren?

    Also, I concur with and appreciate your sentiment regarding the ease of introduction. I’m actually starting my new gaming group off about 30 years before the adventures in the A-Series which means they are with a contingent of soldiers attempting to oust the original village (which later becomes Rybalka) from the Snoqua Tribe of Vikmordere. They have their characters rolled up and have information about Mohkba and the Klavek Kingdom but know little about the lands in which they now enter.

    The majority of the party is LN due to the fact that Mohkba tends to lean primarily LN and LE, rarely LG but definitely adhering more to the LAW than good or evil. So long as the monarchy rules it, it is a law and must be followed. Those who resist or do not adhere will be punished, tortured, or outright slain accordingly.

    It can be tough to get a group together and keep it long term. Just keep rolling with the punches and don’t give up trying to get one together. It is possible!




    You should check out Savage Worlds if you like a less ‘rules-intensive’ system, it’s so flexible that it handles every genre of gaming.



    Jonathan: I am planning on using QUERPS from Greywood publishing, 2D6+Attribute with special “skills” (sort of like feats). It stand for Quick Easy Role Playing System which Shane Garvey (I hope I got his name right) developed to teach his son to play RPG’s but he also released. Though my work schedules is annoying I am glad it came up before I started rather than right after. I plan on using the tme to get a better feel for Klavek. I think a big part of the appeal of the A series is the players starting with the wrong impression of the Vikmordere and deciding their own truth. To present it right I feel I should be able to answer more about Klavek to mislead them into thinking it is the focus of the campaign.

    Sgain: I appreciate the advice but I already know and own QUERPS so I am going with that one.




    Hi all, Redd here. I’ve been a GM off and on for close to 30 years. I mostly run Pathfinder now. I recently bought the full collection of “Rise of the Drow”. Wish me luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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