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    Someday soon…. 2018? You will be seeing an Aventyr Campaign Setting book. I’m going to gather the masses (herd cats) and see what I can do for you all! 😀



    I’m Clint Doyle, long time gamer, started with the updated red box (and have since collected a few of the previous versions as well). Still have some of my old dice with the crayons in the numbers. Moved onwards to AD&D, fell in love with the DragonLance (RIP) series of adventures, sadly only getting my hands on the first 10. My gap in playing included 2nd edition (only picked up two books) and then have continued with 3.0/3.5 and Pathfinder. Sometimes our long time DM gets “RPG ADD” as he calls it, so we play a few sessions of some game he’s come across (Fate based games, Numenera, Fate of the Norns: Ragnorak, Mutant: Year Zero to name a few) and currently running a forum based game of Nocturnal Media’s King Arthur Pendragon.
    I have an almost complete collection of 4th Edition, wanting to embrace it, but failing, and relegating them to storage. Back into 5th, we dabbled a bit, but then as a gaming group, we have jumped around a bit. Our current campaign that I’m playing in is a 3.5 adventure set in the amazing (and brutal) world of Ptolus.
    That DM is taking a break from being DM for probably a year, and I’ll be stepping in (been a while since I’ve been a DM) to run some 5th Edition and Pathfinder (maybe even dabble in Starfinder). Looking forward to getting back into running things, and continuing with my grand master plan of creating a world of my own to run them through.



    Hey everyone, I’m Josh Bender. Huge fan of Pathfinder, especially creatures and locations. I love tearing through third-party content for new monsters and interesting locations.

    Started out playing the Star Wars d20 systems first before diving into d20 Modern and then Pathfinder. Not too big on Starfinder; I find too different than Pathfinder for my taste. Prefer Starjammer since I can use it with Pathfinder without any converting.


    Hi, My name is Beth Fields.

    I’m from the UK and got into RPG’s with D&D & Tunnels & Trolls in 1970’s and then moved onto AD&D, Runequest & Chivelry & Sorcery. Played through to the early 1990’s (Mainly DMing AD&D) when I moved away from the hobby. Got rid of my last books when I moved in 2005.

    Discovered 5th edition via you tube a couple of years ago, after wondering where THAC0 went, I slowly got hooked, started to watch streams of game’s and product reviews. Then started buying books and backing D&D 5e related kickstarter projects, now spend my free time dreaming up plots and encounters.

    Next step is to schedule some gaming back into my life (probably using Fantasy Grounds).

    It’s lovely to see the hobby has progressed beyond the beards, sandals and pizza in a basement image (not that I have anything against any of them) to something vibrant and exciting after all this time.


    @Clint Doyle — I also got my start with the red box and recently had the AMAZING opportunity of hiring Larry Elmore who created the covers back in those days- to create a piece of inked B&W art for our Mini-Dungeon Tome (coming out in 2018). I absolutely love the old school and while I play 5E now still pull from the origins of D&D for many of my campaigns. 😉

    @john Bender — Welcome to the site and congrats on winning the December pile of loot! How are you enjoying those print books?

    @elisabeth Fields — Wait, your name seems familiar to me. Have we spoken in the past online? I run a bi-weekly Fantasy Grounds game for 5th Edition if you’re interested in being a guest star one night!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Gaming everyone! 😀

    -Jonathan G. Nelson
    AAW Games

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)

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