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    Hey there Andrew! Welcome to the site!!



    Mike Myler

    Howdee Andrew!

    We like to think we’re a fine crew of adventurers. 😀

    I’m Mike, and if you’re interested or curious about something on the AaWBlog, I am the guy to talk to. 🙂

    AaW is definitely VTT friendly; the first three adventures from the A Series are available in the Shop section of the site, but you can make quite a few of the adventures on the website VTT ready with 3D Virtual Tabletop (whom we’re sharing a booth with at GenCon this year) if you’ve got an iPad and folks playing in the same room.



    I’m Mike, originally came on-board through the RotD kickstarter.

    I have since become a regular subscriber. Love the stuff you guys do, thanks for that! 🙂

    Been gaming for probably 26 years or so now, started with Dungeons & Dragons, moved to AD&D 1st Edition, and have played every version of it since, along with games like Shadowrun, Vampire, etc..

    I had heard of Pathfinder but was never really in to it until I backed RotD, now, we are geting ready to start the RotD campaign tomorrow. Will be the first time playing Pathfinder for 5/6 of our group, including me. Can’t wait.



    Thanks Mike, that’s absolutely incredible to hear! We’ve helped convert you and your group over to Pathfinder, a huge accomplishment as I know it’s difficult to change game systems. I was an AD&D 2nd edition fan myself for many years and refused to switch over to 3.5 for the longest time! 😉 Now I’m up for just about anything so long as it is a good story and fun to play.

    If you’ll be at Gen Con you should come visit us at booth #3039! We’re also running a new game there Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord! Mike Myler is only running one game per day but if there’s someone absent we can try to sneak you in!

    Thanks for posting and happy gaming! Keep us updated on your game sessions- would love to hear how (and what) the players do each game!




    Thankfully it’s not a difficult transition as 3.5 and PF share a lot of core similarities. I tried, at one point, to get my group to try out a Savage Worlds campaign. That didn’t work out too well. 🙂

    I will definitely see you guys at GenCon. I’m playing so many different game systems there (PF, Savage Worlds, Cthulu, D&D 5, Mage) that my head will probably be spinning… But it’ll be worth every second.




    Hi Everyone, My name is Justin Dooley. I run a small game design company out of Mississauga Ontario, Canada called Allied Games. We have released two small mobile titles and are working on a much larger PC based RTS with a super rich back story filled with lore.

    I first experienced D&D style games only a year ago. I played some Dungeon world at Fan Expo Canada and loved it. Since I wanted more and I didn’t know any DMs I decided to just do it myself. I have 2 experienced players and 3 un-experienced players in my group (plus myself) and have been leading a somewhat crazy, unplanned and sometimes drunken roam across the countryside. I recently (somehow miraculous) got the PC’s to agree to join an adventurers guild where then now take on quests with decisive outcomes and some set rewards. This is a great place to start as at this point everyone is just reaching level 6 in a fast play session.

    They where given three sessions to pick from and they chose “Thief in the Night” because vampires might kill the whole town. On route I made them take a ship and we did a modified version of Crow’s Rest Island which fairly smoothly. I used Ogres instead of hobgoblins and a Demon Host for the boss.

    They just fought all 10 ogres at once. When 5 died I spawned the boss from the opposite side of the map but they just went to town eventually killing everything. (Hey sometimes it happens) Lots of fun though.

    So far the party is a Righteous paladin, A gunslinger fighting for justice, a A.D.D gnome ranger, a shade (custom race) summoner who does not talk unless transformed into a person, and a prostitute druid with no use for gold and a massive drug addiction.

    Hi Everyone!


    Welcome Tony! Nice to meet you at Gen Con! 🙂



    Hey all…

    My name is Ron and I’ve been playing D&D since first edition (and still have all of my books, modules, etc.!), although I skipped 4E. Up until recently I’ve been using Pathfinder and running an online game set in the original Greyhawk campaign setting using the Roll20 VTT. I have decided to make the switch to D&D Next/5E…I guess I long for a simpler system that reminds me of the “old days” and 5E seems to promise that thus far. With that in mind, I’ve decided to start putting my own fantasy world of Terrene into some organized format and use it with my new 5E game, although I still keep tabs on Pathfinder.

    Beyond gaming, I work as a professional web developer, serve as a reserve police officer, study classical guitar, read, write, and love making hand-drawn maps (another “old days” habit…lol). Anyway, I’m looking forward to being involved with some of you on!



    Hello all. My name is Serena and I’ve been an avid roleplayer for over a decade-and-a-half. I’m both a player and GM and I found AAW through the Snow White Kickstarter. I’ve been crowdfunding projects for almost two-and-a-half years now starting in April 2012 (my profile, should you want to take a look at it, is I’m always looking for something worthwhile to back and that was certainly one of them.

    I really enjoy helping out indie companies and those who run them are some of the most friendly and awesome people I know. I’m glad to have become friends with people like Jonathan Nelson and Mike Myler and my experience at Gen Con cemented our relationship. I’m proud to call them friends.

    Okay, enough emotional crap. I’m here for one thing. Roleplaying.


    Hello Ron! Welcome to! I too played through all the iterations of D&D (other than 4e) and we are trying out D&D 5e this weekend after being active on the playtest many months ago. I figured we had to once I found out that my friend Wolfgang’s company Kobold Press spearheaded the Tyranny of Dragons adventure line! I wish we could add 5e to this site but WotC has not given any clear guidelines on OGL content and I for one am not interested in entering any grey areas when it comes to IP and legalities. Perhaps they will ask us to craft a series of products for them in the future and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that fine opportunity. Glad you have joined us here on the site and I will get back to you soon regarding your other questions you sent me via email. Thanks! ps- I love classical guitar too!


    Well there’s someone I know! Hello Serena! Great to see you on the forums!

    Hope you are resting up well from Gen Con and did not catch the dreaded Con-Krud which sometimes accompanies a weekend at the con. I’m VERY excited to finish up some of our projects here on the site, get more adventures out for subscribers, then start in full force on Snow White and Heir & Back Again. I think you’re going to enjoy and appreciate the latter adventure based on our mutual love for classic computer adventure games. There will be many ways to solve a problem or riddle but the most XP will be given for those who use their wits to advance in the game! 🙂

    Happy Gaming Serena!



    Thanks, Jonathan. I’m so looking forward to seeing Heir & Back Again. 🙂
    And I just had to become a subscriber. I’m currently testing the waters with the free month I got from the Gen Con code. 😉


    Glad you hopped on board! 🙂



    Greetings, all. My name is Blacksheep, and I am a 30-year GM, dating back to the AD&D and the Rules Cyclopedia.

    I switched to Pathfinder after D&D 4e proved unpopular with my group and haven’t looked back (although I’m liking what I see in the 5e Tiamat adeventure path).

    My primary capaign at the moment is Paizo’s Wrath of the Righteous, and we play the Emerald Spire Superdungeon on nights we’re missing one or more players.

    My group has been amazingly static, and we’ve played more or less non-stop since 2000 or so. They’re all working professionals and I guess what you’d describe as grand masters at playing (several pre-date even my gaming entry), so I am definitely blessed (or cursed, depending on your POV!) as a ref.

    All that said, I recently made the decision to venture out on two new gaming fronts: (1) a non-Paizo Pathfinder adventure path, and (2) VTT play. That’s led me here, as I’ve decided on a Rise of the Drow campaign as that trial vehicle.

    I’m still playing with Fantasy Grounds II and integration of the RotD file packages (in fact, I’ve decided to run AaW’s A0 – A2 as an intro to the RotD Prologue so I can get the hang of the VTT environment on a smaller chassis before going all out with RotD itself). It’s a learning process and I have a lot to get used to before going live, though by the time my current campaign ends (or my players get TPK’d, always possible with WotR) I think I’ll be ready.

    Thanks to the entire AaW team for your tremendous effort and the great work product. I’m much obliged and very impressed with the RotD adventure path.



    You’ll be pleased to know that the Rise of the Drow prologue part 1 is nearly complete as a Fantasy Grounds II module. We still need to do some playtesting. Perhaps you would like to help? Contact me privately for more info. 🙂

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