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    Thanks for the warm welcome Mike!
    I can’t take credit for the “new” system I’m using, it’s from a company called New Haven Games and it’s called Myth & Magic. I funded the kickstarter for the players guide and DM guide. As with a lot of kickstarters out there, things have been slow and the fate of the project doesn’t look good. But as a backer, I got a PDF copy of the players guide, PDF of the player journals that were made and I simply use a copy of the DM starter guide. I sent it all to Kinkos and use these as my rule books, along with my old 2nd Ed. AD&D books and the Pathfinder rule books.
    In a nutshell, Myth & Magic keeps the 2nd Ed. feel by using weapon and non-weapon prof. Classes have choices, but less than they have in Pathfinder, their more structured as opposed to “pick anything you want,” and the spells are a bit more old school than the more polished Pathfinder spells. The Pathfinder/3.5 feel of the system comes from using ascending armor class, the 3 saving throw stats, and instead of feats, they call them class talents and they’re not as many of them. All in all I like it. They’ve also created the Base20 system, where the DM sets most of the DC numbers, but they call them TC or Target Complexity. Base= Basic or a d20 roll of 5; Average or a roll of 10, Superior or a roll of 15 and Exceptional or a roll of 15. There’s also Legendary at a roll of 20. It just kinda puts the DM back in charge without a lot of rule searching. I can make more things up on the fly.
    The only reason I looked for a new system, and don’t get me wrong I love Pathfinder, was for two reason. First off, I was spending a little too much prep time before each game, esp. at higher levels. And if I didn’t prep, I wasted a lot of time looking up rules and page flipping at the game table. Second reason, I noticed that my group was going through the motions when playing. Sure, we had fun and laughed but I wasn’t getting the old excitement from the games like I used to back in the day. So I started looking at my old stuff, but over the years we’ve advanced too far to go back to something too simple, like say OD&D and while 2nd Ed. was my big chunk of gaming, it was a bit clunky and at the Paizo boards I came across Myth & Magic.
    Currently I’m running my players through the Pathfinder Adventure Path “Carrion Crown” and having a blast. I use the stats pretty much as written in the books. Since it’s Paizo’s attempt at a gothic horror setting I’m also incorporating my old Ravenloft games/characters into the plot as well. So when I use the old stuff, it easily converts. So I’m spending less prep time for each session which helps me focus more on story elements. And by having a few less rules, it puts most of the decisions back in my hands and my players have gone back to being more creative. So now, instead of the party’s thief taking 10 to search for traps, then opening the door, seeing giant rats, make a hit to throw torch at them, etc. We were treated to him making a perception roll, spotting the beady red eyes, throwing open the door and making an acrobatic leap up on and cling to the tower walls to get out of the way as he hurled the lit torch at the pack of rats scurrying out to attack. Later, he stylishly did a back flip over the party, (being in the front and landing at the rear) to avoid the oncoming haunt approaching the party. The sneaky bugger!
    True, most of that is just handled with description and I can do that with the normal Pathfinder rules, but this new hybrid is working out better for us. Enough options to keep the players happy but more structured to keep character creation and leveling changes to a minimum.
    And I will certainly be checking out all the goodies this site has to offer.


    Welcome to Adventure-A-Week Dennis! I followed the same path as you in regards to systems. We spent the majority of our years (and fond memories abound) playing AD&D 2nd edition. I still have all my original books and kept all of my boxed sets for the Forgotten Realms. I too fell in love with Pathfinder after playing 3.5 for a time and have stuck with it ever since.

    We hope you enjoy the site! Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.




    Hi there,

    my name is Günther, I started DM’ing for AD&D 2nd ed., then switching to 3.0’and 3.5. Due to moving to a different country my hobby grew somewhat dormant, and I joined a group of german speaking Pathfinder fans who translated the Paizo blog entries for german rpg forums. Fast forward, I am now part of the hobbyist team who translates Paizo Pathfinder products for Ulisses Spiele in Germany.

    I am looking forward to the adventures as well as catching some insights of how to design them.




    Just wondering: Aren’t there any specific threads on the individual adventures?



    Hello all. I came across this site by accident really. As a follower of many friends that RPG and or develop, one posted a link to the RISE OF THE DROW Kickstarter. I liked, I backed, and here I am. 🙂 I did not spend a whole lot of time on this site until I met Jonathan at Gen Con and we talked old school D&D with Tim Kask. So now I am intrigued. 😉

    More about me…Started playing in 79 when I got the basic set for Christmas. Never put the game down from there. Moved onto Expert, then quickly to AD&D, then 2ED. Life caught up with me in the early 90’s, and even though I never lost the passion for the game, the books became shelved for many years. I had developed a rich world before this. Even though I was no longer playing, I turned that passion to writing it into book form instead.

    Today I play 3.5, thanks to my kids asking me to DM for their group. Nothing like throwing kindle on a spark. 😉 Now I have a dozen more books filling my shelves. I have not played Pathfinder, and really don’t want to, mostly because of that would mean a whole new set of books.



    Evening all!

    My name is Jon Ely, although my friends call me Sid, and I’ve been lurking around the site for a while (I’ve designed a few items for the Magic Item Monday), but have only just got round to introducing myself formally here.

    I’m British, so forgive any wonky un-American spelling (Queen’s English only!!!), an ex-soldier and a long time player of D&D – I started in the early nineties playing 2nd edition, and graduated to 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder in the two decades since. I’m also a big fan of Shadowrun, especially when I can blast big chunks outta people.

    Like most guys of my generation, I am a father and have a “grown up” job as a Health, Safety, Environmental and Fire specialist, but still manage to find time to game once a fortnight or so with a group of equally hardened and slightly elderly players, currently involved in a Pathfinder campaign set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar.



    Hi everyone!

    I’m Eric. I’m new to AAW,pathfinder and the post 3.0 world. I didn’t like 3.0/.5 when it first came out, but my mind is opening due to its versatility. I typically run 2nd ed AD&D Planescape setting. I’m looking forward to seeing how this system would mesh with my style of DMing.

    I consider myself a role-player, but I don’t dress up or do any LARPing. Gaming has been a very rewarding pastime for me. I’ve been running games since I was 12 years old playing Tunnels & Trolls. I enjoy the challenge of trying to reach out to the players and make them see what I imagine. It’s a brain-to-brain connection, we’re creating whole worlds collectively.

    I want to say hello to some of my personal friends who I know are on this site, Jon Nelson and Todd Gamble. Maybe there are others, but I don’t know yet.



    Hey all,
    Matt here. I’m Australian and an avid roleplaying fanatic of 20-odd years experience, mostly running/playing Pathfinder at present. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at writing adventures and have been working on a couple of pitches which i’ll be submitting soon. Looking to get involved in some discussions around adventure design and also see what AaW has to offer. Thanks 🙂


    Sean Holland

    Sorry, had meant to post some time ago.

    Anyway, Sean Holland here, avid gamer for far too long. Currently GMing a new L5R campaign and some Shadowrun, playing some 1st ed AD&D(!) and working on my Pathfinder campaign world. You can read more about my games here.

    Glad to see that Adventure a Week is still going strong.


    Mike Myler

    Heya Sean! Thanks for saying hello!

    We’re glad too. 🙂

    Your blog looks great—let me know if you get an impulse to feed the AaWBlog with a guest entry!


    The year was 1990 and the game was HeroQuest, a magical world where you could kill monsters and be a hero, something every child wanted.
    The year is 2013 and the game is Pathfinder, a magical world where you can kill monsters and be a hero, something every grownup wants…Well okay I guess the inner child drives me today as well as my two sons and an overbearing wife.
    I am 37 years old and hail from Denmark, for the moment it is Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu I am interested in, but have played AD&D, 3rd and 3.5, Dark Heresy, Star Wars and more…
    This year I tried writing some things for AaWBlog and some were even published, thank you MM.

    Happy Gaming to all of the people on AaW.




    Hello All,

    The name is John. I’ve been gaming now for nearly 30 years (can that be right?!!). I cut my teeth on the good old D&D red box, jumped at AD&D, embraced much of 2nd edition (turning all the disappointing kits into full blown classes for my players), begrudgingly accepted 3/3.5 and finally bailed on the franchise with 4th edition. I decided to stick with 3.5, and now I’m an avid Pathfinder gamer. Often GMing the campaigns for my group, running both published modules and adventure paths and my own home-brewed adventures.

    I live on Long Island in New York. I am married to an amazing woman, have three children, and teach English at a local high school.


    Mike Myler

    Thank you Brian! I’m glad to see you’re still rocking those crazy golden dentures!

    Hello John! 4th Edition disappointed everyone, I think; you needed to roll a 20 on your Will save not to give up on it after what Wizards did to the basis of the rules. Pathfinder is an amazing system that I obviously approve of wholesale. 🙂

    Welcome to AaW! Take a look around and let us know what you think!



    Hail, folks!

    I am Tony Troskoski, a life-long gamer and wanna-be (aspiring) game publisher. 😉 I’ve played it all from the BASIC set through Pathfinder (including being averted to White Wolf/WoD game system, MERPS, Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40K RP), and the post-movies version of the Lord of the Rings RPG to name a few others). I own several of the Forgotten Realms 4E books for the fluff and history, but do not play 4E. I do mini wargame quite a bit.

    I ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign earlier this year for my fledgling horror-fantasy Pathfinder Setting: The Unhallowed. More news will be forthcoming on the state of that project soon.

    That’s about everything interesting about me… Ha!

    Tony Troskoski


    Mike Myler

    Heya Tony! I am super jealous of your last name!

    Welcome to! I’m a Warhammer 40k junkie as well (though thank heavens, only for the literature and video games) and there is never enough blood for the blood good or souls for the god-emperor, so thanks for coming aboard.

    That was some tough luck with Unhallowed. Many Kickstarters fail on their first run, but come back from it and succeed on their next (or sometimes third) go of it, so stay in there! It looked really neat and I look forward to hearing what happens with it.

    Take a look around and let us know what you think about the forums, the myriad adventures, and the AaWBlog! Enjoy the site. 🙂

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