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    Please introduce yourself to the other GMs frequenting!


    Since we’re starting up a new forum I’ll kick off the introductions by introducing myself.

    My name is Jonathan G. Nelson and I’m the lead web/game developer as well as co-founder of, LLP. Todd and I came up with the idea for the site in December 2010, built the site and play tested adventures throughout 2011 and into 2012. We officially opened the site to subscribers on March 1st, 2012 and have been going strong every since.

    We have released dozens of adventures including the 5-star RISE OF THE DROW trilogy which was also a successful Kickstarter ending at $45,666. We have additional Kickstarter plans in the works, but for now we’re keeping our lips sealed on these.

    Free time? Rarely, but when I do I love to spend time with my awesome family, GM Pathfinder RPG games, play drums in a local band, jam on my acoustic guitar, and longboard through my neighborhood on sunny days.

    OK, it’s your turn. Introduce yourself so we can all say hello! šŸ˜€


    Mike Myler

    Hey there! Mike Myler, aspiring freelancer and game designer, full time magicianeer, part time Space Marine.

    My first AaW adventure will be available soon and it is a doozy. In addition to the other stuff you’ll see from me here I’ve published with, sold work to or am currently in contract with Avalon Games, Skortched Urf’ Studios, Purple Duck Games, Louis Porter Jr Design and a magazine I’m not allowed to talk about yet (in three months though you may see it anyway). On top of that I have very limited number of self-published titles, among them the soon-to-be-updated Clockwork Wonders of Brandlehill and the free Magical Armament Compendium Volume I. After you have plumbed the rich depths of, maybe scoot over and take a look at one!

    I hope yins enjoy The Damned Souls of Fenleist and welcome you to one of the finest group of game designers to be found on these seas of high data (or thank you for including me, depending).



    Hello, I’m Benjamin Medrano. In real life I’m a cashier with a…sporadic schedule, which makes gaming (and game creation) a challenge at times.

    My only published work is Beauty & Blood, with AaW. However, I am currently working on a number of adventures for submission. I tend to be…quiet and more of a lurker by nature, so if you have questions for me, ask! I’ll answer, I promise, but it takes some work to get me out of my shell.


    Thanks for joining us in the new forum Benjamin!

    Please feel free to take a look at the available groups and join the ones right for you. Adventure Development? AaW Blog Contributors?



    I’m Anthony, a former video-game designer, now freelance writer and designer. I used to DM for a D&D group, but I play Pathfinder these days and stay on the low-effort side of the screen when I have time.

    I keep thinking of writing RPG materials, but I know too many indie designers and have heard too many horror-stories. Better to stick to video-games and non-interactive fiction for now…


    Welcome to the site Anthony! What video games have you worked on? Are you a freelance writer and designer of… video games, or other materials?



    Hello, Greg aka Chizy2,
    I am a long time fan of D&D from the mid 80’s. One of the first campaigns was the Dragonlance series. I have played a little of the 4.0 and never pathfinder. Living in Southwest Louisiana, there are not many groups to play here. I used to DM a few games as well. Looking for some older material and learning the 4.0 side and Pathfinder.


    Welcome to the site Greg! Perhaps you’ll find some new players here to game with. At the very least you could join the ONLINE CAMPAIGNS group and set up a Play-by-Post game here on the site! šŸ˜€

    Have fun and please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help!



    Greetings and salutations, my name is Jordan Ferguson and while I have no professional experience with adventure or game design I have been created worlds and exploring dungeons for about 17 years now. I’ve played many different systems, though 3.5 and especially Pathfinder are my favorite for Sword and Sorcery games. Looking forward to having a creative outlet beyond the games I run and sharing ideas with other GMs and players šŸ™‚


    Greetings Jordan! We’re happy to have you along for the journey!



    hello all,

    My name is Jan, I am from Belgium. I used to play a lot of AD&D from the end of the eighties on through the nineties. I skipped most of WOTC stuff (D&D 3.5) and now collecting Pathfinder books.
    I recently started gm’ing again and stumbled here, what a nice resource for adventures.
    Reading a lot and trying to create my own adventures again is a nice come back in this wonderful hobby.




    Welcome to the site Jan! I also was hardcore into the old school stuff (AD&D 1st and 2nd edition). I spent most of my years at the gaming table playing those systems.



    Hi All, Dennis here. Been gaming since the 80’s, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I started playing basic or OD&D using the “New, Easy to Master D&D set” and the Rules Cyclopedia. From there, graduated to AD&D 2nd Edition, which was were most of my best games and campaigns came from. Didn’t jump at 3rd Edition right away but finally did when 3.5 came out. Took a loot at 4th Edition, but wasn’t the right style for me or my gaming group, so when Pathfinder came out, we went in that direction. Have still been enjoying our games when we can, still try to meet once a week, though our group is smaller now. Currently playing a hybrid mix of Pathfinder and a new retro-clone Myth & Magic. This is a great site and a great resource for DM’s out there. Congrats on the nominations and good luck with all your future endeavors. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store next.


    Mike Myler

    Yo Dennis!
    I’ve been calling 4th edition D&D the ‘Gauntlet N64’ of tabletop RPGs – good instincts on your part! Pathfinder (or, as my table group calls it, D&D 3.75) is amazing. I can’t get enough of it.
    With the wealth of gaming experience at your fingertips (far more than me!), I encourage you to check out the AaWBlog and toss us some submission ideas! The hybrid system you’re up to now sounds very interesting and I for one would love to know more about how you work out the balance and what drove your group to adopt it!
    Anyway, welcome to the site! Personally, my favorite tool is the soundboard. Ambiance is where it’s at.

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