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    I’m looking at VTT systems. I’ve found that there are a few modules for FG2. The cost for FG2 is significant particularly for the ultimate version. So my question is, are modules for FG2 being actively developed or would I be porting content myself? If content for FG2 is being developed how often will new content be released?


    Fantasy Grounds is IMHO the absolute best virtual tabletop available right now. We are actively converting our adventures into Fantasy Grounds at this time. I can’t give you a release schedule as I honestly don’t have one (at least nothing official to announce). I can tell you that we plan to have A00-A06 available within the next couple weeks if that helps. They will go live first here on then on Fantasy Grounds store, Steam, Paizo, and DTRPG.

    The ultimate license is expensive but it’s also a good investment that will pay for itself in time. I recommend taking a collection from your gaming group and dividing the cost amongst 5-7 people total. That makes it much easier on the GM who is doing most of the work anyway! šŸ˜‰

    Feel free to post any more questions you may have for me.




    I saw on the homepage that you completed converting 2 modules to FG, Awesome! Which 2?


    Wow, sorry I missed your comment here! šŸ™

    The two conversions were B19: Tower of Screaming Sands and B20: For Rent, Lease or Conquest. You can download them from the Subscriber Downloads page.



    My other converter dropped off the map so I’m again looking for folks to hire and help get conversions on A-series moving. In the meantime I’ve started working on A04: Forest for the Trees on my own.



    I am liking the 5th edition FG stuff. there is just never enough.

    I would love to see the 5th edition modules in the web only section. That would be awesome also!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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