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    I’ve only recently started looking at the A series with a view to running a campaign (online using the Fantasy Grounds VTT). I’ve only read through A0-2 – I really like them and I really like the setting. But, in terms of running campaign I’m struggling to come up with a long term goal/baddie/plot etc.. I know the main push for the campaign is being a Klavekian settler in Rybalka and helping out around the village and environs, but I need a long-term campaign pull to mesh it all together and give the players something extra.

    Anyone have any ideas? Perhaps I just haven’t read enough of the scenarios yet and something will jump out at me…


    It has yet to be published but a long term baddie could be the chieftain of the Wo’Cla tribe (mentioned at end of A8) or you could use Matron Maelora of House Gullion from the Rise of the Drow series (PDF available now) – Print coming April 2014.



    Two ideas – one is if they take the sword from the Sun-King, a cult of his followers can make sure they’re ‘worthy’ – and be good aligned to boot!
    The Devil in the Dark Wood – Bakinqua (sp) is bound to escape and recur…surviving the adventurer attack probably means he levels!



    I currently have twins (one male & one female) who are a wizard & cleric team that are attempting to steal godhood & become a supreme duumvirate. Through their combined resources & intense study, they first mastered being able to parent and rebirth their perfectly matched DNA (assuring all past work is still accessible) into children (always a male & female twins birth) they have together and raise to continue on their work. Once the children reach an age where they can start taking care of themselves they are required to perform a ritual to combine the knowledge & conscience of the parents with their own. This ritual completely drains the life force of the parents & passes it on to the successors who get their lifespan extended by an amount equal to 1/2 (3d12+10) of the remaining years of the two sacrificed in the ritual. This cycle causes ripples in time which randomly affect the regions they are in at 3 different points (Conception, Birth, and Ritual Completion). These ripples are not noticed by the natives to the regions, as they are exactly at the point in time they would normally be. However, travelers (such as adventurers) will discover themselves in a time that matches one of the past events in time if in the area when a conception or birth occur, and in the future if they are in an area at the time a Ritual is completed.

    For ease of tracking as a GM:
    I have the ripple send the PCs to the time when the next (in order of the direction in time displaced) triggering event would have been taking place & roll 1d10 to determine if it is that many days before or after the event in the time the PCs arrive in.

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