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    @michael – Yes, perhaps some of the content was removed in editing but that garbage heap was there due to the bandits (or Vikmordere) moving in and using the area for refuse.



    If you’re remedying things in the adventure, you’ll need to explain how a large sized Otyugh can hide in ankle deep garbage in a 10′ wide room (very malleable?). Perhaps a large pile of trash on the other side? This will mean more trash in front of the secret door, though. Also, it’d be good to round out the missing box texts from some rooms.


    Hello, again Michael,

    I just downloaded and opened the A24 PDF myself and see that all the information you were inquiring about is contained within the read aloud on page 4.

    As you descend the cold black stone stairs, an intense stench—
    sickly sweet and rotting—reaches your nose; you seem to
    have met the refuse pit of the current occupants
    . Elaborate
    hand-carved symbols of the sun are etched into every stone in
    this room and while the work is breathtaking, so is the odor
    coming from below. The last few steps descend into the muck
    itself, mostly liquid but part muddy filth; its hard to tell just
    how deep the garbage goes.

    After reaching the bottom of the stairs your feet finally reach
    the floor and you find yourselves knee deep in the muck.

    Remember that although you’re telling the players they have reached the “floor” that’s only as far as they know as refuse could be compressed deep under their feet. Surely the trash also isn’t equally piled and spread neatly throughout the room, there would be plenty of piles of “stuff” for the Otyugh to hide behind. 😉



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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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