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    That would be awesome Vin! 🙂 I look forward to reading it.



    About to start running the A-series as soon as our current GM wraps up, any advice?


    Are you the one running the A-Series? Are you running PF or 5E?

    I suggest running A00, A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, then skipping A09 (PCs won’t likely be of a level to handle this yet), A10, A11, A12, then go into Rise of the Drow (if 4 PCs, if more than 4 might be too easy for them at first but it will catch up to them!)

    That’s just my advice. If you want advice on individual adventures I can give you that but don’t want to drop any spoilers unless you’re for sure the one running these.

    Thank you!

    -Jonathan G. Nelson
    AAW Games



    1) I am the GM. It has been a while since I last GMed and I am happy to do it again.

    2) We are playing Pathfinder.

    3) I have run A00 and A01 so far. The group was bigger than I thought so 00 was a cakewalk. I added a couple extra skeletons to 01 to make it more challenging, and might take this approach in the future. A01 went pretty well

    4) The group consists of a half-orc bloodrager, an aasimar druid, a halfling bard, an elf wizard, a suli monk, and a gnome cavalier as well as an NPC healer. When we played the last campaign, the monk and cavalier players could not make a lot of the sessions, and I was unsure if they would join us. The cavalier joined extremely last minute. The halfling was supposed to be a rogue and was rebuilt as a bard extremely last minute as well. Everyone is an experienced player and pretty competent.

    The first session was pretty last minute and I wasn’t completely prepared. The group plowed through the kobolds pretty easily, and the “devil” pretty much died in one round. I was better prepared the second session and it was more challenging, with the skeletons’ damage reduction making the fights longer. The bloodrager player got the Blade of the Sunlord and was psyched, and I think a couple of the other players were jealous. The halfling got most of the traps, but the gnome got dropped into the pit trap with the goblins and was poisoned. The group got a bit beat up but no one died or anything. The session ended with the players arguing over what to do with the two enchanted vases. They rested in the tomb with the intention of trying to bust open the vases the next day. I told them to level up.

    Next week they will get to Rybalka. I am not sure how much they will want to do in town. I know the gnome cavalier will need to see someone to get unpoisoned, probably Jurdender. They will probably want to sell some of the loot from the crypt. They may get through 002 or not depending on how much roleplay and such they do there. The elf wizard player has a whole backstory where he is looking for his lost father. I think I might hint that an elf came through town, and eventually have them rescue him in Rise of the Drow. I don’t know how they will do with the werewolves and Bakinqa.


    I absolutely LOVE hearing every single detail regarding adventure we’ve created. Please keep us posted on what happens next. If you need advice or ideas please let me know as I wrote a lot of these early adventures (many years ago) and would be happy to share. 🙂




    We missed a week due to RL issues and then played again this past week. The players arrived in Rybalka, and we had the most roleplay that we’ve done so far. The players enjoyed the Thirsty Serpent (Finn Starling? That’s a PC name!) and the bard player got to perform for the crowd. The party saw Juriendor, who neutralized the cavalier’s poison in exchange for a quest later. They were pretty salty about having to stay in the Bugg Inn and discussed trying to buy a house at some point.

    The party met with Mayor Igor. One of the players had a back story that his father was in the military, so I decided that Igor and the monk’s father were old army buddies. The players agreed to go into the woods to search for Woln. The druid player had not been into the roleplaying but liked using his skills in the wild. He also got to use wild empathy to handle the random encounter. The players met with Gunnar and spoke to him; I believe they really felt badly for him. When he turned into hybrid form, they were ready, but had trouble with the DR. However, the monk grappled Gunnar and the wizard enlarged the barbarian who swung on him with enough damage to exceed the DR, and followed up with some magic missiles. We left it there for the night.



    One thing I am curious about is that Gunnar is listed as having damage resistance/silver, where as Woln and Wotar are also werewolves but are not listed as having DR?



    Also, reading ahead a little, I see a very nice diagram of the Sacred Necklace in A3. However I can’t seem to find what the item actually does?

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