Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Fortunetelling Press

1134-Ancient-Printing-office-q75-1453x1020Fortunetelling Press
Aura overwhelming divination; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 100 lbs.

Made up of gears, wheels, levers, and rollers, this mechanical beast can produce a paper every few seconds.

Once per day, a fortunetelling press can produce 10d100 identical newspapers. Most of the copy for each newspaper must be meticulously laid out prior to printing, a process that takes 2d4 hours. If a blank section is left on the paper and it is filled with humanoid blood, it is filled in during printing with a story about an event that will happen in the near future (1d7 days). Such events occur, but can be averted if direct action is taken to circumvent them.

DC 15     The Steamtown Herald often publishes stories that are yet to happen.
DC 20     The press is reported to be demonic in origin, and has a small goblinoid cult associated with it.
DC 25     The press requires blood as its ink in order to foretell the future.

A fortunetelling press is destroyed if it is ever filled with the blood of a demon.

The fortunetelling press was recovered by a goblinoid excavation crew some months ago. A short time later its function was discovered and a small cult formed around, their main function to collect blood for the printing of new stories. Borys the Timerian does not yet know where the papers are coming from, or about the existence of the cult.

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