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Foul Machinations Friday: Forsaken Frontier

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the first AaWBlog Adventure Path, true believers!
Some thought us mad when we began this daily endeavor last year, but as 2014 continued so did our amazing journey across Aventyr; it all comes to a crashing end here, in the Forsaken Frontier!

As our wayward adventurers finally make it home from Uklonjen (home to the psionically-active exiles of Aventyr’s ancient past), it seemed like their misadventures were over and that finally, the journey back had ended. This brief reverie did not last long however, and the PCs’ airship explodes soon after landing, sending them into a place even stranger than the demiplane they’d just left: Ludolog, the 2-Bit Dimension.

flytrap_giant__jacqui_davisTraversing the miniworlds (filled with instadeath chasms, floating platforms, the Skytower, and The Dig) was the only way forward, and at its end the final step of the adventurers’ long voyage was knocked astray by another presence traveling the void: a massive vortex dragon that sends their vessel tumbling into the Disputed Territories, far to the west and south of their intended destination.

After a disastrous landing, mass hordes of militant undead chase the party south into the Rungkung Jungles, home to the benevolent mummy warlord of the Smiling Sons, Kaloatl the Eternal Eye. To revitalize their vessel’s spent xyrx crystal fuel, the PCs might seek out sapahualpa reeds, but their dangerous cousins (banshee reeds) threaten to kill the party as they flee into the domain of the mummified armies.

This is but one of four great territories that surround the ancient settlement of Salamangka, the Shining City. Great power resides within its walls and for millennia it has been the site of destructive conflicts rivalled nowhere else in Aventyr. So long has this continued, the militaries that have vied for its control are all now undead, each considering Salamangka the ultimate prize, one that can restore a semblance of life to them all while its power holds.

fallowfieldMass grave haunts and prepared battlefields play a part in the events to come, though none greather than the burning vengeance haunt in Fallowfield. After speaking with the helpful Zhalak Mhun (lieutenant of the Eternal Eye) the PCs return to their ship, curiously fused with pages of a dragon’s journal, to find the engine has been ransacked! Their only lead as to where exactly the crucial components have been taken is in the badlands to the east—home to Doc Fell and his armies of stealthy ghasts and ghosts.

Rumor has it that these sneaky undead have acquired an arcane artillery pylon or two, and the threat they pose as the Shining City’s dawn approaches is dire indeed…

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