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Trap Tuesday (Lands of Ludolog): Flying Tentacle

flying tentacleFlying Tentacle     CR 11

Type magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29
Trigger touch or proximity (flight); Reset automatic
Effect Atk +18 melee (4d8+12 plus bull rush straight down, CMB +18)

The flying tentacle trap is a peculiarity of Ludolog, the 2-Bit Dimension, and appear all throughout the space above instadeath hazards (on the walls of force that enclose the given miniworld) [like the most recent Sidequest Saturday! -MM]. Making contact with these trapped impassable borders or using flight (extraordinary or magical) near them triggers 1 flying tentacle, which manifests from seemingly nowhere and attempts to slam the target downwards.

After two creatures have passed through a threatened square, the flying tentacles affecting those squares are exhausted for the turn and any further creatures that would trigger them are able to pass by unhindered.

Avoiding a flying tentacle is simple—just don’t touch the walls of force or fly near one—but an extremely complex series of gestures (raising the right and then left arm upwards, then lowering the right and left arms downward, and then shaking them out in their respective directions twice each, followed by a fingersnap and clap) can permanently disable the flying tentacles on either side of the creature making the gestures.

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