Sidequest Saturday (Lands of Ludolog): Floating Platforms

[In this miniworld there is no fall damage. Make sure to check out the remainder of the rules in effect for the 2-Bit Dimension! -TS]

After the party travels past the crop of phenomenal fungus, the miniworld around them gradually changes—the solid stone transforms, replaced by metal flooring. A destroyed futuristic landscape unfolds the further they go, with more and more rusted, bent, and broken plates jutting into view. Nothing interrupts the PCs or troubles them for a day of travel, at which point they reach a large 40 foot tall platform that blocks their path.

floating platformsAt the top of the platform the adventurers find a 40 foot long pit of pinkish energies that should inspire trepidation, but only PCs that make a DC 25 Perception check see the spikes within (which trigger an instadeath effect when touched). After the party makes it across this hazard a gaff rises up out of the floor and attacks! PCs can act in the surprise round with a DC 30 Perception check to notice it appearing from the junk metal they land upon. [The gaff appears in tomorrow’s post! -TS]

Anyone looking upward during the battle sees four large floating platforms, each pulsating with waves of blue energy from their undersides. A DC 25 Knowledge (engineering) check tells the adventurers that whatever that strange power is, it keeps the chunks of metal in the air (though not very steadily).

With the gaff destroyed behind them, the party continues across three more 40 foot long pits of energized spikes before reaching a wall that rises up 80 feet into the air. A broken and barely functioning ladder (DC 22 Climb check) runs along it, leading to an outcropping of junk metal (15 feet long) that points backwards, towards the floating platforms.

floating platformFloating Platforms
Each of the four platforms is 40 feet long, suspended 75 feet above the lower level by energy fields from below and set 20 feet apart from one another. Once a PC steps on a floating platform it immediately shakes, falling 10 feet each round; after falling 30 feet, a floating platform disappears (floating platforms act on 0 in the initiative order). At the same time that the first floating platform falls any distance, a gaff rises out of the metal jutting out of the wall. A floating platform that has disappeared does not reappear for 10 minutes or until the gaff is destroyed (though every time a floating platform reappears, the gaff at this outcropping reappears as well).

At the end of the four floating platforms is a stationary piece of metal 10 feet long that stays at a fixed point in the sky, with another ladder climbing 80 feet into the air to a similarly fixed piece of metal above. Three 55 feet long floating platforms (each suspended 20 feet away from one another) span the gap between where the PCs stand and the next piece of solid land. This time only the middle floating platform descends—falling 30 feet for one round and then vanishing. If a PC falls while standing on this floating platform, there is a 50% chance they land on the instadeath spikes far below (a DC 30 Reflex save lands them beside the hazard).

Once they’ve passed the last of these floating platforms, the adventurers look beyond to see more high ledges and gaffs prepared for their arrival! [The second part of this side quest—next week! -TS]


[Submitted by Tim Snow!]

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