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Meta Thursday (Macabre Manses): Fleshdoll PCs

Crafted from the flesh, blood, and bone of dead corpses, fleshdolls are miniature 1-ft. tall puppets that are animated by unwilling spirits bound with evil necromancy. Products of the fleshdoll stage, the associated curse has a myriad of effects, but none are more noticeable than this unnatural transference into one of these gruesome miniatures. Stitched and sewn, pinned, and cauterized—a fleshdoll’s physical appearance and level of aesthetic detail depends on the creativity and skill of the necromancer who created the grizzly examples of fleshcraft.fleshdoll meta thursdayThe following template can be used to adjust the stats of player characters and NPCs who have had their spirits bound to a fleshdoll.

CR 1/2 of base creature
Size decrease to small
Type undead, construct (negate all previous racial modifiers and all race-based special abilities and special qualities)

AC natural armor becomes +0
hp -3 hp/HD to minimum of 1 hp/hd (no construct bonus hp), no natural healing (heal as undead)
Immune undead traits
Special Qualities no breath
Fleshdolls do not breath, eat, drink or sleep.

Speed halved (minimum 5 ft.)
Attacks weapons functions as two sizes larger; limited to one attack action using one weapon per turn

Ability Scores -10 Str (minimum 8), Con — (negate any Con-based skill modifiers), +4 size bonus to Dex
Base Attack halved

Any abilities that are dependent upon the creature’s original physical form (such as racial modifiers or race-based special abilities, such as darkvision, and other qualities physically-based qualities) are negated. Any feats or special abilities that affect the creature’s Constitution-based mechanics, such as Fortitude saves, are also negated.

Spells that require a somatic component must be accompanied by a successful DC 25 Use Magic Item check in order to be cast by a fleshdoll. This is because the puppets are not anatomically accurate in every sense, and thus find some gestures and intricate movements difficult to perform. There is no other limitation on spellcasting for fleshdolls.

Fleshdolls speak as a supernatural ability. While their tiny mouths move (provided their creator crafted them one), their voices are audibly projected from the doll in the likeness of the creatures original voice, though slightly more high pitched and with a hollow, squeaky quality.


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