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Trap Tuesday: Flagon Trap


flagon trap (nathanael batchelor)Type mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 16
Trigger touch; Reset repair
Effect target is coated with itchy glitter on a failed DC 18 Reflex save (-2 penalty to attack, save, skill, and ability checks; spellcasting requires a concentration check DC 10 + double spell level)

Drink pilfering is a real problem at times. One industrious bartender devised a simple solution to solve it. When a favored patron leaves a drink unattended, one quickly ties a (smaller) flagon trap to it—filled with glitter and itching powder. When the target grabs the drink and goes to swig, the flagon trap spills out, covering them for all to see. Not only does the flagon trap coat targets in sparkly powder, making it obvious what they were doing, but the powder itches something fierce.

Many the drunk patron has been seen walking the streets, desperately trying to scratch off glitter and sneezing violently. Those in the know jeer and laugh at them, knowing exactly why they are in such distress.

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2 thoughts on “Trap Tuesday: Flagon Trap

  1. Nice! I could see this small ‘trap’ leading into some nice bar fights too. It could also provide a “What the **** just happened” moment for the players when they see glitter and itching powder flying everywhere…

  2. Thanks Samuel! I wrote Rory into a bit of a corner for it, but he’s a cunning master of traps and definitely hit on something here. It’ll see use in my games as well. 😀

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