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What is your favorite tabletop RPG?

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21 thoughts on “What is your favorite tabletop RPG?

  1. For all my roleplaying tabletop games, I use The Games of War. It contains 39 sets of rules that covers everything from ancients and fantasy to science fiction.

  2. That’s really cool. I had never heard of it before. I just looked it up online. Is this the book you’re talking about? The Games of War: A Treasury of Rules for Battles with Toy Soldiers, Ships and Planes

  3. Yes, yes it is. I go back a long way in gaming, playing in D+D in Gary Gygax’s living room at 330 Center Street.

  4. That’s amazing to hear! Gary and all of you trendsetters set the stage for a movement that has grown into an obsession!

    I honestly don’t know what I would have done were it not for role-playing games. We played D&D from age 8 on up and I still play every chance I get. (Which is rare these days since my life is so busy.)

    The creativity and confidence that D&D helped me cultivate is the reason I played music, construct blogs, and do everything else I love every single day.

    Thank you for commenting. I would LOVE to hear some stories of “the good old days” should you have the time to divulge!

  5. My son and his friends are sitting outside right now enjoying some pacific NW sunshine (rare!) and playing Pathfinder. They have just started learning RPGs and it’s all my fault! 😛

  6. Would you like a picture of the young Gary Gygax? There are several I’ve uploaded to under the gallery for Wargamer204. Feel free to pick a few and post it, just give credit. Gary and I go back to GenCon 2.

  7. Would love to! Thank you John! 🙂

  8. Gary Gygax with John Bobek at a Madison Wisconsin wargames convention 1969.

    Courtesy of John Bobek author of “The Games of War” – Wargamer 204 @

    Is that the one?

  9. Gary Gygax at an early GenCon

    Courtesy of John Bobek author of “The Games of War” – Wargamer 204 @

  10. Gary Gygax at a Madison, WI games convention 1969

    Courtesy of John Bobek author of “The Games of War” – Wargamer 204 @

  11. Dave Arneson’s Battle of the Nile at an early GenCon, Dave judging.

  12. “OTHER” is now in the lead for favorite RPG- when you choose OTHER please put what it is in the comments. That way you can share your fav RPG with all of us who are dying to know! 🙂 Thanks!

  13. cyberpunk

  14. My favorite game over the past few years has been Fudge. I do also like Fate as well, but I personally prefer Fate “2” over the newer iterations. 🙂

  15. A guy in my gaming group loves that game as well. I still don’t quite get it. I know there are 6 siders and a strange mathematical formula for figuring out what you roll. How does it work?

  16. I really like the One Roll Engine, popularized by GODLIKE, WILD TALENTS, REIGN, and Monsters and Other Childish Things.

  17. Fudge dice are very simple, actually. Each 6-sided die has 2 blank sides, 2 sides with +’s, and 2 sides with -‘s. You roll 4 of these dice (known as a 4df roll), and total them up. +’s add 1, -‘s subtract 1, and blanks = 0. This gives you a bell curve with a range from +4 to -4. After about a session, you can read a 4df roll at a glance, making a nice quick system, if you like bell curve dice systems, which I do! 🙂

  18. After reading your comment here I read all about fudge HERE.

    It looks cool and I would be willing to give it a try (Alex, did you hear that? 😉

    What’s the best place to buy fudge dice online? Are there specific RPGs out there based strictly around FUDGE?

  19. Fudge dice are pretty plentiful online. I would suggest doing a search for “Olympic Fudge Dice”. This is a pack of 3sets of gorgeous Fudge dice. They are 1 set of gold, 1 set of silver & 1 set of bronze dice. You should be able to finde a set at a reasonable price, especially considering they are the only dice you need to play Fudge. Every dice roll in the game is a 4df roll. 🙂

  20. Deadlands: reloaded is definitely my favorite.

  21. As I look to my shelf and think back to all the games I have ran, it is really hard to say what Tabletop RPG is my favorite. My favorite System atm is Cortex. However with my roots going back to AD&D 2nd Edition, it’s hard to not have Pathfinder at the top (only because of the rules tweaks they made from 3.5). I enjoyed Beyond the Supernatural from Palladium, but the PCs were TOO squishy. If I go with sheer volume of books as any indicator it would have been Vampire. Favorite setting is probably Shadowrun 4e, but a few tweaks to the system is needed.

    But a great system can be the foundation to a great game, Cortex Core System wins out. So many games… so little time…

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