Mendacious Materials: Fare Thee Well Caster Trap

Fare Thee Well Caster Trap   CR 5

Type magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29
Trigger proximity (alarm)*; Reset none
Effect teleported above a nearby well (DC 21 Will save negates); 20-ft. fall into water (DC 21 Reflex save negates; DC 10 Swim check to stay afloat and DC 20 Climb check to ascend)
*The fare thee well caster trap is only triggered by the magical auras of active spell effects.

fare thee well caster trapCasting certain spells can give visitors the upper hand in social situations (whether it be to enhance their appearance or make them more skilled at negotiating high society in Mohkba) and using magic of any kind to gain an unfair advantage is looked down upon (when not hosting, of course). Some houses have devised elaborate, non-lethal methods to embarrass would-be offenders and one of the most popular is to use an on-site well to comedic perfection. The magical offender who triggers the fare the well caster trap gets teleported right above the well and dropped, leaving him a soaking mess as he climbs out to the howls of laughter that are sure to ensue from the host and other guests.


[Submitted by Rory Toma!]

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