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Trap Tuesday (Forsaken Frontier): False Phylactery

false phylacteryFalse Phylactery     CR 10
Type magical; Perception DC 42; Disable Device DC 42
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect 1d4 negative levels and branded (DC 27 Will save negates; see text)

The back of a creature that destroys the false phylactery is branded in glowing arcane symbols that impart 1d4 negative levels (DC 27 Will save negates branding and negative levels). A creature branded this way serves as a back-up phylactery for the lich that created the false phylactery (in this case, Syfforack Zoi). Destroying the brand requires killing the creature wearing it or a dispel magic (DC 29 CL check) and it otherwise remains active as long as its wearer is alive. A dead branded creature’s bond to the lich reactivates as soon as it is brought back to life with anything less than a miracle or wish. This link persists until the brands are dispelled or the branded creature is permanently dead.

The false phylactery is a steel box inscribed with silver runes etched into bands of gold. Inside are several strips of parchment inscribed with arcane runes. A branding iron with a red-hot tip is also inside.

Izali, although a loyal lieutenant to Syfforack Zoi, is not a fool. He knows that as he gains arcane knowledge, he could be considered a threat and eliminated by the more powerful Syfforack. Through years of careful and subtle manipulation, he has swapped the true lich’s phylactery with a cunningly enchanted false phylactery trap, working feverishly to make it his own.

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