False Coffin (CR 11)


A hardwood coffin, ornately decorated, lies on top of a stone table or altar.

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device 34

Trigger touch; Reset None


Anyone opening this coffin instantly teleports to the middle of a nearby room, which is filled with barbed spikes and a few skeletons, and is physically inaccessible by means other than digging through 50 feet of solid rock. The teleported victim falls into the barbed spikes upon entry. The spiked room has no other defenses, magical or otherwise. Dimensional Coffin (Instantly teleported to room, DC 28 Reflex Save or become impaled* on a 10′ long barbed spike) Impaled (d6 bleed damage each round and slide down 1 foot. A DC 30 Climb check each round halts the sliding, while a DC 30 Climb check will move ther PC one foot up. At the top of the spike, a DC 30 Climb check is required to leave the spike, but the barb will deal an additional 1d8 damage (non-bleed) and require a DC 25 Fortitude Save to avoid losing consciousness for 1d4+1 rounds. PCs that lose consciousness take 1d6 damage falling to the floor. Alternatively, a character may forego climbing and tear himself free. This requires a DC 35 Strength check and deals damage equal to 1/2 the character’s max hit points. The character them must make a DC 15 Fortitude Save or die, and a DC 25 Fortitude Save to remain conscious. Note that any bleed damage inflicted is still in effect) After the trap it sprung, it takes 10 minutes to reset.

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