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Story Locale (Forsaken Frontier): Badlands of Fallowfield

Badlands of Fallowfield
The town of Fallowfield never thrived, but the hardy population eked out a meager existence far from true civilization. Most who found their way this far into the Disputed Territories were on the run, either from the law or their past, and it became a sanctuary for outlaws looking for a last chance to lead a semi-normal life. A speck of meaningless land missing from most maps, the settlement nevertheless found itself caught between the armies of Kaloatl and Syfforack Zoi.

With no hope for peace, the hardened survivors fought tooth and nail for what they’d claimed but faced overwhelming force. The town barber (and surgeon), Doctor Phineas Fell was no more noble than the rest, but tried to trick the invaders into accepting an honorable duel for the fate of the town. Cunning cheats were no match for the forsaken lich’s magic and he only managed to enrage his opponent with his annoying trickery; Doc Fell was forced to watch as each of the remaining citizens were burned alive before him.

fallowfieldThese souls did not rest easy, however, and were led screaming back from the grave by Doc Fell. Now the area is a true ghost town—claimed only by the undead that dwell there. A few dozen of the original citizens inhabit Fallowfield at any one time, while most remain on long-term missions of sabotage or infiltration as directed by their commander. There is not a soul among them that wouldn’t return at a moment’s notice should the town be threatened, and it remains both a symbol that unites Doc Fell’s armies, and a sanctuary for retreat when deceptions are discovered. They died once defending the only home many of them ever knew, and few are afraid to die again.

The majority of Fallowfield’s citizens are ghasts with the rogue creature template (from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Monster Codex) or Freelance Thief (from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: NPC Codex) ghosts. Ghasts have a scorched or burnt appearance, although many employ the Disguise skill to cover the worst of their charring. Creatures (living or otherwise) entering the town unannounced are immediately accosted by 3d6 ghasts and 2d6 ghosts; the undead use hit-and-run guerrilla tactics and set a series of ambushes within the trap-filled ruins. The ghosts of Fallowfield can only be permanently destroyed (per the rejuvenation ability) if Doc Fell is likewise permanently destroyed (when temporarily destroyed they reform within the town.)

Knowledge (local) or (history)
DC 15     There’s a ghost town deep in the badlands where a bunch of thieves and cutthroats met an unpleasant end.
DC 20     Fallowfield’s a no-man’s land lousy with ghouls, ghosts, and booby-traps
DC 25     The place used to be a sanctuary for folks looking to keep out of the law’s reach, but that all ended when an undead army burned the lot of them alive for resisting.
DC 30     A powerful undead creature that looks like a man protects Fallowfield. He carries weapons that shoot lead with blasts of fire and thunder, killing anyone that threatens the town without warning.
DC 35     The leader pretends at being the town barber, but he won’t stop smiling as he cuts your throat.

fallowfield barberBarber’s Shop: The colorfully painted sign has long since faded, but Doc Fell still keeps his old shop tidy when he visits. He holds court here surrounded by ancient jars of snake-oil miracle cures and preserved creatures floating in chemicals. Whether he is entertaining rare guests or passing judgment on captured prisoners, Fell rarely acts more than the humble barber—he is happy to offer living guests a quick cut, shave, or surgical procedure.

Butcher’s Barn: A ghast’s got to eat. One of the old barns within Fallowfield is still standing and holds the grisly remains of animals and humanoids slaughtered for food. The hunks of meat are left hanging or strewn about, collecting flies as they rot. The barn stores living meat as well, with captured humanoids kept in iron cages and animals stored in pens.

Ramshackle Ruins: With a few exceptions, the remaining hardwood structures within Fallowfield have burned or rotted away; these provide cover, but not total cover. The ruins are treated as difficult terrain, except a creature can choose to move at full speed at the risk of encountering bear traps concealed within the rubble (1d4 per 35 feet traveled). Many floors are purposefully set to collapse and the rotting ceilings hide heavy rocks ready to crush the unwary.

Scorched Square: The old town center is still black with the remains of the executed townspeople, and no rain ever washes away the last traces of their death. Any corpse with enough flesh and bones remaining arose as a ghoul or ghast, and the rest are forced to dwell the earth as disembodied souls. The square is the focal point of the town’s burning vengeance haunt.



[Submitted by Stephen Rowe of the Four Horsemen!]

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